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The Pitney Bowes DM300 is an easy-to-use and highly productive franking machine that every business needs for efficient operation. It prints at speeds of up to 65 letters per minute, and it is designed with a user-friendly control centre so you can learn how to use this machine in minutes. It can handle up to 50 accounts for easy tracking and monitoring of your postal expenditure. Plus, it comes with a standard 5kg integrated scale to ensure correct postage. offers a cheaper alternative to costly genuine Pitney Bowes DM300 ink cartridge. With our Pitney Bowes 793-5 Compatible Fluorescent Red Ink Cartridge, you can enjoy as much as 70% discount on high-quality ink with the same 3,000 page yield. Buy one here today!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here's how to replace the ink cartridge on the Pitney Bowes DM300:

  1. Lift the scale up and remove it from the DM300. Then, open the access cover.
  2. Choose “Replace Ink Tank”. Wait until a Moving Ink Tank message displays.
  3. To access the ink cartridges, unlock the green guard latch.
  4. Pull out the ink cartridge that you wish to replace.
  5. Peel the protective tape off the replacement cartridge. Aftwards, lower it firmly into the cavity until it is properly inserted.
  6. Press down on the ink cartridge guard latch. You will hear a click once it's fully closed.
  7. Close the access cover. Your Pitney Bowes machine will automatically recognize the new cartridge.
  8. Put the scale back to its original place and you're finished!

Frequently Asked Questions

The "Low Ink" warning message appears on the Pitney Bowes DM300. What to do?

When "Low Ink" warning message appears on the display, you must order a new ink cartridge soon. You may still print up to 300 impressions with the remaining ink.

I got a “No Ink Tank” message after installing the new compatible ink cartridge. Does this mean it is defective?

Not necessarily. When the “No Ink Tank” appears, it could be that the cartridge is incorrectly installed. Try reinstalling the cartridge properly. If this does not work, then call or chat with us so we can assist you.

Do you ship the same day?

Yes. All orders received by 3:00 PM PST on a regular business day are shipped the same day, provided that the item is in stock.