Pitney Bowes K700 Ink


Cartridge prices starting at $8.95

The Pitney Bowes Mailstation2 K7M0 is a compact, space-saving digital mailing system that helps you with any volume of mailing jobs. Its Energy Star compliant design makes it environment-friendly and helps lower your expenses. Stay organized with your mails with its full report printing capability, too.

How To Replace Cartridge

  1. From the control panel of your Pitney-Bowes K700 machine, press the Menu button.
  2. Then, select "Use ink functions?" option. Followed by the "Replace ink cartridge."
  3. Raise the top cover of your Pitney-Bowes printer.
  4. Locate the expended cartridge that you want to replace.
  5. On top of the ink cartridge, you will its latch. Press it to unlock.
  6. Take out the old cartridge. Properly discard the cartridge.
  7. Open the packaging of your new cartridge. Take out the tank and remove its protective tape.
  8. Slightly tilt the new cartridge with its contacts facing the printer. Push down.
  9. Lower the ink cartridge latch. Push down to lock.
  10. Lower the cover.
  11. At your machine's control panel, choose enter/yes option.

Cartridges compatible with your Pitney Bowes K700 Ink