As part of our Flags of the World Series of coloring books, Inkjets.com presents Flags of Africa, a fun and informative coloring book that lets kids know more about the flags of African countries and other facts.

Africa has some of the most colorful and elaborate flags in the world. From the simple green star on a red field of the Moroccan flag to the intricate Nguni shield and spear in the center of the Swaziland flag, African flags reflect the diversity and creativity of African cultures.

Our Flags of Africa Coloring Books feature one African country on every page, shining the spotlight on key facts about each country such as population, capital, traditional costumes, popular dishes, landmarks, and other important information.

Working on this coloring book will certainly help widen young children’s knowledge of African countries in a fun way. Hopefully, this introduction to Africa will inspire kids to learn more about this vast, diverse, and beautiful continent.

Aside from learning about Africa, working on these coloring books also provides many benefits especially to young children. Coloring is an opportunity to stimulate kids’ creativity and allow them to express themselves. Coloring also helps develop hand strength and motor skills in children. Studies also show that this simple activity also improves cognitive skills, self-confidence, and patience.

Our Flags of Africa printable is free to download and share under Creative Commons license. You can download all pages of the coloring book or you can also choose individual pages to supplement your lessons. Simply click on the country flags below to download. Get your copy of our Flags of Africa Activity Book today!

What’s Inside:

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