Free Printable Puppy Day Activity Book

//Free Printable Puppy Day Activity Book
Puppy Day Printable Activity Book


March 23 is possibly the cutest day of the year! It is a day dedicated to celebrating our fluffy and playful puppy friends. In 2006, Colleen Paige, an author and animal behaviorist, founded National Puppy Day as an unofficial holiday.

This day honors the deep bond and unconditional love between our baby canine friends. Above all, the more important purpose of this unofficial holiday is to bring awareness and put an end to puppy mills. These establishments abuse female dogs by making them give birth to too many puppies. This celebration also encourages adoption to reduce the financial incentives that keep puppy mills in business.

There are many ways to celebrate Puppy Day and one of the best is to teach children the valuable lessons of pet ownership: responsibility, loyalty, patience, respect, and love. To help you celebrate this day with your kids, check out our printable activity book. It contains fun and engaging activities such as coloring sheets. Also, there are fun facts about puppies that kids and adults alike will surely enjoy.

What’s Inside: