Ricoh Gestetner DSm651 SP Toner

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You can count on the Ricoh Gestetner DSm651 SP for fast and reliable performance. It also comes with maximized print resolution so you can create clear, professional-quality output. Just don't forget to stock up on high-quality replacement toner cartridges from We have our Ricoh 885400 (Type 6110D) Compatible Black Toner Cartridge, which ensures timely and effective completion of print tasks thanks to its incredible 43000-page yield. Plus, it comes with our solid warranty and satisfaction guarantee for your greater peace of mind. Not only that, this cartridge can produce the sharpest and most vivid monochrome output you've ever seen—but at a price you can easily afford. Save more on your replacement toner by shopping with us. You can get up to 42% discount, along with free shipping on orders above $30.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Almost out of toner? Here's how to install a new toner cartridge in your Ricoh Gestetner DSm651 SP:

  1. Turn the power off, then open the front cover of your Ricoh Gestetner DSm651 SP.
  2. Pull the lever under the used toner cartridge 90 degrees toward you.
  3. Lift the green lever and pull the used toner cartridge out gently.
  4. Unpack the new toner cartridge. Holding the new cartridge horizontally, shake it up to six times to evenly distribute the toner.
  5. Remove the outer cap of the new cartridge. Align the new toner cartridge properly with its holder and push it in until the green lever clicks.
  6. Turn the lever back to its original position under the installed cartridge.
  7. Close the front cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are compatible toner cartridges?

These refer to new toner cartridges that follow the design specifications of their authentic counterparts. While not branded, compatible toner cartridges are proven safe to use with your Ricoh Gestetner DSm651 SP, and won't void the machine's performance.

Are compatible toner cartridges really a worthy investment?

Absolutely! Aside from being safe to use, our Ricoh 885400 (Type 6110D) Compatible Black Toner Cartridge can deliver exceptionally sharp and vivid monochrome print quality—while remaining within your budget. It's covered with our solid warranty and satisfaction guarantee, as well.

Any details about shipping? offers fast delivery and same-day shipping for orders completed before 3pm Pacific Time, except Fridays, weekends and holidays. For orders that are over $30, we'll ship your toner for free!