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The Samsung MJ-4500C is a multifunction inkjet color printer. It produces up to 8 black-and-white documents or 3 color prints in just 60 seconds. It also works a digital copier with 25% to 200% document reduction or enlargement rate. And it comes with scanning and faxing capabilities too. You can find low-priced replacement MJ-4500C ink cartridges here at Our Remanufactured Lexmark 70 and 80 are designed to meet OE standards. They are refilled with premium-quality ink that delivers high output quality even on plain paper. Buy our single ink cartridges or our 3-Piece Combo Pack and get big shopping discounts here today!

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow this simple guide if you need to replace the ink cartridge on the Samsung MJ-4500C:

  1. Raise the control panel, and then open the cartridge compartment cover.
  2. Use the handle in removing the used ink cartridge from the carrier. Carefully dispose of it afterwards.
  3. Remove the new cartridge from its packaging. Be careful to touch only the colored top or black areas.
  4. Never forget to peel off the tape covering the printhead prior to the installation.
  5. Align the ink cartridge with the tracks inside the carrier. Then, slide it forward until it latches into place.
  6. Close the compartment cover before replacing the control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are white lines on letters and graphics. Does this mean I have to replace the Samsung MJ-4500C ink cartridge soon?

Not necessarily. White lines on letters and graphics are often due to clogged nozzles. Perform a 'Self-Test printing' to know if the nozzles have problems. Clean the printhead, if necessary.

I need two color ink cartridges and one black cartridge. Do you have a combo pack with these inclusions?

No. Our 3-piece combo pack includes 2 black cartridges and 1 color ink cartridge. You may purchase the items individually or add another black cartridge to your cart.

Is it true that using a remanufactured Samsung ink cartridge has a positive impact to the environment?

Yes. Our remanufactured Samsung ink cartridge uses an empty OEM cartridge, so it helps reduce the number of empty OEM cartridges being thrown in landfills each year.

Cartridges compatible with your Samsung MJ-4500C Printer

Lexmark 70 (12A1970) Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge

275 Page Yield

Regular Price: $43.95

(52% OFF)

Special Price $20.95

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Lexmark 80 (12A1980) Remanufactured Color Ink Cartridge

600 Page Yield

Regular Price: $42.95

(44% OFF)

Special Price $23.95

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