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Finding replacement Samsung MJ-4700C ink cartridges is fast and easy. is a trusted online retailer of high-quality but wallet-friendly remanufactured ink cartridges for various printer models including the Samsung MJ-4700C. Get the Lexmark 70 and 80 remanufactured ink cartridges here at up to 46% discount. We offer reliable and fast shipping options so you can install new cartridges into your MJ-4700C in no time. Should you need help in placing your order, simply call or chat with one of our friendly customer service representatives. Purchase our single ink cartridges or our 3-piece combo pack here now to enjoy savings!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here are some easy steps to help you replace the ink cartridge on the Samsung MJ-4700C:

  1. To start, lift the control panel followed by the cartridge compartment cover.
  2. With the use of the handle, slide the empty ink cartridge from the carrier.
  3. Take the replacement cartridge from its protective box. Do not touch the copper area.
  4. Always remember to pull out the tape covering the printhead.
  5. Put the ink cartridge inside the carrier. Ensure that it is secured before closing the compartment cover and the control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to immediately replace the Samsung MJ-4700C ink cartridges when print quality starts to deteriorate?

Not necessarily. Poor print quality may not always be due to low or empty ink cartridges. It could also be due to clogged nozzles. Verify if the nozzles are clogged by printing a test page, and clean the printhead of the nozzles are indeed clogged.

How is the quality of your remanufactured ink cartridges?

Our remanufactured ink cartridges are rebuilt following strict OE standards. So, they work and fit just like the OEMs and deliver the same high output quality.

Do you ship the same day?

Yes. If you want your order to be shipped the same day, make sure to place it before 3:00 PM PST Monday to Friday.