Xpress M2070

Cartridge prices starting at $24.99

Here are some of the reasons why most users love the Samsung Xpress M2070: easy setup, fast print speeds, and network capabilities. It is designed for simple and intuitive operation, churns up to 20 pages per minute, and is USB 2.0 compatible. To enjoy these features for a long time, make sure to replace its toner cartridge if it is low or empty. Here at Inkjets.com, we offer more affordable replacement Samsung Xpress M2070 toner cartridge. Purchase our Samsung MLT-D111L Compatible Black Toner Cartridge and get as much as 32% savings. All Inkjets brand products are covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Refer to the easy step-by-step guide below if you need to replace the toner cartridge on the Samsung Xpress M2070:

  1. Begin by opening the scanner unit followed by the inner cover.
  2. Hold the handle on the used toner cartridge in removing it from the M2070.
  3. Remove the replacement cartridge from its protective bag. Always remember to give it a light rock for the toner distribution.
  4. Push the toner cartridge into the Samsung Xpress device until it latches into position.
  5. Close the inner cover followed by the scanner init.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ""Prepare new cartridge"" alert message appears on the Samsung Xpress M2070 display. What does this mean?

When the ""Prepare new cartridge"" alert message appears on the display, it means the cartridge is near the end of its life. Order a new toner cartridge and have it ready for use when the old cartridge gets depleted.

Do I have to pay for shipping the Samsung MLT-D111L Compatible Black Toner Cartridge to a continental US address?

No. Shipping fee is waived on orders $30 and up and shipping to a continental US address.

Can I remove the new toner cartridge from the packaging before storing it?

No. If you are not ready to use the new toner cartridge, keep it sealed in its original packaging to preserve its condition.