Guide to Epson Ink Cartridges

Epson ink cartridges are known for producing high-quality text

and photos with a lot of color.


However, there are so many cartridges to choose from

that it can be hard to know which one will work best.


This guide has all the information you need about Epson ink.

We'll talk about the different kinds of cartridges Epson sells

as well as the pros and cons of printing with their popular

EcoTank printer series.


We'll also show you some easy ways to fix problems

with your Epson printer so you can get the most

out of it.

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What sizes are there for Epson cartridges?

There are two different sizes of Epson ink cartridges: standard yield and

high yield/XL.


People who print a lot should use a cartridge with a high yield.

Because they have more ink, they can print more pages and

are a better value over time.


Standard cartridges cost less, but they run out of ink more quickly.

No matter what size you choose, the cartridge will go into your printer

the same way no matter what size you choose.


In fact, the size of the cartridge is the same no matter what the yield is.

The only thing that changes is how much ink is in the cartridge.


To show how much money you can save with standard and high yield ink,

we'll look at how many pages each Epson 702 ink cartridge can print

and how much it costs.


Ink cartridges for this series of Epson printers can be either

Epson 702 standard yield or 702XL high yield.


Even though the Epson 702 standard yield is cheaper, it costs more per page

because it only has a small amount of ink.


On the other hand, the high yield is more expensive,

but it gives you more value because it prints more pages

for less money.



Single Epson ink cartridges

Individual ink cartridges are used in Epson printers.

This means that each cartridge is filled with a different color

of ink.


The HP tricolor cartridges, on the other hand, have three colors of ink

in one cartridge.


Most printers need a set of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges,

but if you have a photo printer, you might also need light cyan

or light magenta cartridges.


Each cartridge is basically a plastic tank that holds ink.

On the end of the cartridge is a gold chip that talks to the printer

about how much ink is left so you know when it needs to

be changed.


When the cartridge is put into the printer,

it works with an internal printhead to

make a print.

Photo of Epson printer ink cartridges


What does Epson ink contain?

Epson has a few sub-brands that are used to name the different kinds

of ink they make.


If you look at the corner of the front of your Epson cartridge box,

you might see the words "DURABrite" or "Claria."


The names show what kind of ink is in the cartridge.

Knowing which kinds of ink work best for which kinds

of printing jobs will help you decide which one to buy.


Text and pictures printed with Epson DURABrite cartridges won't fade

or get ruined by water because the ink is pigment-based.


Even though DURABrite cartridge ink isn't as bright as dye-based ink,

it can still print good quality photos and can be used for a wide range

of printing jobs.


If you have a regular Epson inkjet printer at home, it probably uses

DURABrite cartridges.


Epson 702 series, Epson 802 series, Epson 252 series,

and Epson 288 series are all popular series of

Epson DURABrite ink cartridges.


Most of the ink in Epson Claria Photo HD cartridges is dye-based,

and they are made for people who want to print photos for fun.


All of these cartridges are based on dye, except for the black cartridge

that comes with some printer models.


This cartridge is based on pigment. If you have a lower-end photo printer

from Epson, it's likely that it uses Claria Photo HD ink.


The Epson 302 series, the Epson 312 series, the Epson 202 series,

and the Epson 212 series are all popular Epson Claria

ink cartridges.


Pigment-based ink is used in Epson UltraChrome HD cartridges,

which are also designed to make accurate, bright colors

with a higher optical density DMAX for deeper blacks

and a wider range of tones.


This type of ink gives users the benefits of both pigment-based

and dye-based ink. It is used in high-end photo printers

like the Epson SureColor P600, which are made

for professional photographers.


The cartridges are expensive, but if you need prints for a gallery

or to keep for a long time, they are worth it.


With ratings of up to 200 years, even your great-great-grandchildren

will be able to look at your work.


Epson 760 series, Epson 324 series, and Epson 850 series

are some of the most popular Epson UltraChrome

HD ink cartridges.



How long does Epson ink stay good for?

When they are sealed, Epson ink cartridges can last for up to two years.

Even after two years, you might still be able to use the cartridge,

so don't just throw it away when you see the "low ink" message.

Run the printer's built-in cleaning function

to try to make the cartridge last longer.


This process cleans the printhead nozzles by removing any dried ink

that may have built up over time.


Print a test page after the cleaning is done to see if the print quality

has gotten better. If things don't get better, try running the cleaning

function one or two more times. Sometimes just one or two

more cleanings will do the trick.


We don't recommend using the cleaning function

more than that many times, since each time it is used,

some of the ink inside the printer is used up.


Having trouble still? It might be time to get a new one.


Alternatives to original Epson ink cartridges

It's not a secret that replacing Epson ink cartridges costs a lot of money.

Here, we'll show you some alternatives to cartridges that can help

lower your printing costs and help you get the most out of your ink

and printer.


Epson Ink Bottles for EcoTank

Epson was the first major printer company to come out

with an ink tank printer without cartridges in 2015.


Canon, Brother, and HP have all made their own ink tanks

in the last five years, but Epson's EcoTank line is still

the most popular alternative to inkjet printers

on the market.


EcoTank printers don't use ink cartridges to print. Instead, they use ink bottles

and a refillable ink tank system. When the tank for a certain color is empty,

all you have to do is fill it up, just like when you put gas in your car,

and you can keep printing.


EcoTank owners love ink bottles because they print A LOT more

than a standard Epson ink cartridge, with thousands

of prints per bottle compared to an average of a few hundred

with most cartridges.


Also, the price of an ink bottle has gone down, from $12 to $22.

(depending on your printer model). 


EcoTanks are appealing because they are so cheap to run,

but they aren't for everyone.


If you don't print very often and your printer sits for a long time

without being used, the tubes inside the tank may get clogged,

which will make your prints look bad.


If that worries you, it would be better to buy

a cheap laser printer.


Low cost, high quality compatible ink cartridges

Compatible Epson ink cartridges from are another great way

to save money.


For over 20 years, InkJets has been selling low-cost compatible

Epson products.


We have a huge selection of compatible ink cartridges and

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