how to store printer ink properly

Ink cartridges for printers are fragile items that need to be installed,

used, and put away with care.


In this blog, we'll tell you how to store your ink cartridges properly

when you're not using them.


We'll give you tips on how to take care of your ink cartridges

when they're not being used.


This is true whether you're keeping used cartridges or extra ones.


If you don't take care of your ink cartridges properly, they can cost you more money

than they need to.


Also, buying a printer cartridge when you need one

as soon as possible can be too much of a hassle.


With that in mind, it's important to know how to properly store printer ink,

which can help you save money on printing costs.

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Should I take out the ink cartridges

when I'm not using them?

When you won't be printing for a long time, you should take the cartridges

out of the printer and put them in a container t

hat can't let air in.


To do this, you'll need to take extra care,

because storing the cartridges incorrectly

can damage them.


How to safely store opened ink cartridges

Compatible Canon ink cartridges from

The best way to keep a cartridge that has already been used

in good printing condition is to keep it in the printer

and use it often.


But not everyone is like that, and you might not need

to print for a long time.


Here are some ideas on how to store open ink cartridges:


Keep your opened ink cartridges in an airtight container

If you want to keep an unopened ink cartridge, make sure it has a place to go

where air can't get in.


If you do this, your inkjet cartridge won't dry out.

It also keeps the cartridge's printhead moist,

which is what it should be.


If your printhead is dry, it can get clogged,

which can be bad for your ink cartridge.


Note that we suggest you use containers that don't let air in

and can keep your ink cartridges from getting wet.


Yes, resealable plastic bags are airtight containers,

but touching and rubbing them against the printhead

can damage it.


Put a damp container inside the container to keep the air inside moist.

DO NOT put a wet piece of paper or cloth ON the printhead,

because this could also cause damage.


Keep the ink cartridges standing up (Nozzles Up)

Make sure that the nozzles of the ink cartridges are facing up

when you put them in a container.


This method keeps the ink from leaking out of the cartridge.

When you store multi-colored ink cartridges standing up,

the different colors of ink won't mix.

Store ink cartridges somewhere cool and dark

Put your ink cartridge containers somewhere

that doesn't get direct sunlight or any other kind

of light.


The sun can hurt the quality of the ink and change the color,

and the heat can cause the ink inside the cartridge to boil

and leak out.


Make sure to keep your ink cartridges in places

that aren't too hot or too cold.


How to Use Ink Cartridges After Being Stored

When it's time to use the ink cartridges you've been keeping in storage,

here's how to get them ready:

1. Check the cartridge for dust or other small particles.


2. See if the ink is leaking.

Use a damp sponge or cloth to remove any extra ink.


3. Check to see if the contact terminals are getting worse.


4. Check to see if the plastic case has any cracks.


5. Check to see if there are any dried bits of ink in the cartridge.

You can also carefully take them off with a cloth

that has been lightly wet.


6. Install the ink cartridge and check to see if the printer is giving you

any error messages.


7. Attempt a test print.

Follow the instructions for testing and calibrating

your prints that came with your printer.



How to store ink cartridges you haven’t opened yet 

Even if you already know this, it's a good idea to keep your cartridges closed

until you're ready to use them.


Cartridges come in sealed packages that are meant to keep them away

from air, light, and dust.


Please don't keep ink that has been used.

When the ink cartridges are open, air, sunlight,

dust, and other small particles can get into them.


Always store ink cartridges that haven't been opened

somewhere cool and out of the sun.


Take note of the manufacturer's expiration date as well,

since they can't guarantee good printing quality

for cartridges that have passed

their expiration date.


Summing it up

If you store your ink cartridges the right way, they can last as long as their lifetime.

If you print sometimes, this might be helpful for you:

There's no need to throw away empty cartridges and buy new ones.


Still, don't forget to look into the best printer ink quality

along with the right way to care for, store, and keep

ink cartridges safe.


There are no storage and troubleshooting tips for low-quality printer inks

and toners that can fix what's already broken.


Make sure you get high-quality ink and toner cartridge supplies

from a reputable ink supplier like InkJets.


If you do this, your cartridges will stay in good shape

even if you put them away for a year or two.