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A printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine in one, the Brother DCP-L5500DN ticks all the boxes for the ideal partner every small office or business should have in ensuring everyday operations are carried out with ease. Easy to use and designed to support flexible paper handling, it is sure to address a range of your everyday tasks. Replacements for the Brother DCP-L5500DN include compatible Brother DR820 drum units and compatible Brother TN850 (replaces TN820) high-yield black toner cartridges. Enjoy more than 75% in savings when you get these replacement drum units and toner cartridges! Buy and more and you can take advantage of our free shipping promo. Shop today!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

To replace a toner cartridge for the Brother DCP-L5500DN, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Open the printer cover.
  2. Remove the toner cartridge and drum assembly. Place assembly unit on a covered flat surface to prevent toner spills.
  3. Push down the lock lever and take the toner cartridge out of the drum unit.
  4. Remove the new toner cartridge from its packaging.
  5. Gently shake it side to side a few times to evenly distribute toner inside.
  6. Remove protective covering on the new toner cartridge.
  7. Insert the new toner cartridge into the drum unit until it locks into place. Lock lever will automatically lift if the cartridge is properly put in.
  8. Clean the corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the tab left to right several times. Return tab to the home position.
  9. Insert toner cartridge and drum unit assembly back into the machine.
  10. Close the printer cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to replace drum units and toner cartridges at the same time?

Not necessarily, as toner cartridges and drum units are consumed at different rates.

How do I store replacement toner cartridges?

Replacement toner cartridges are sensitive to light so they are best kept in a cool, dry place away from direct light. They should also be kept sealed in their packages until needed. Stored right and unopened, they will stay in good working condition for up to two years.

Do you have guarantees in place?

All our compatible Brother DR820 drum units and compatible Brother TN850 (replaces TN820) high-yield black toner cartridges are guaranteed to work with the Brother DCP-L5500DN and won't void the printer's warranty.