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Few workgroup printers can provide the fast and reliable performance of the Brother HL-1470N. It has fast print speeds of up to 15 pages per minute, with maximum resolution of up to 1200x600 dpi. And when in need of replacement toner cartridges, you only need to turn to Inkjets.com for the highest quality options. These include our Brother TN460 and DR400 Compatible High-Yield Toner and Drum 3-Piece Combo Pack. It offers two black high-yield toner cartridges, which come with 6000-page yield and a drum unit offering 20000. Not only that, this combo pack allows for super-sharp resolution that can rival even OEMs, but at a more budget-friendly price. Get up to 44% off when you order this combo pack today, plus free shipping.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow these easy steps on replacing the toner cartridge in your Brother HL-1470N printer:

  1. Open the front cover, then pull out the drum unit assembly.
  2. Press the lock lever down and remove the used toner cartridge from the drum unit assembly.
  3. Take out the new toner cartridge from its packaging. Rock it from side to side gently a couple of times while keeping the cartridge horizontal. This allows the toner inside to be distributed more evenly.
  4. Remove the protective cover, then install the new toner cartridge into the drum unit until it locks into place. Clean the primary corona wire—you can do this by gently sliding the tab gently from right to left, then back, a couple of times.
  5. Reinstall the drum unit assembly in the printer, then close the front cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes compatible toner cartridges the better option?

Compatible toner cartridges, like the ones included with our Brother TN460 and DR400 Compatible High-Yield Toner and Drum 3-Piece Combo Pack, are more cost-effective than OEMs. However, they can produce the same quality print results, allowing you to get more printing done without having to spend more. Because they have similar specifications as their original versions, they are also safe to use with your Brother HL-1470N printer.

Any details about product warranty?

The compatible toner cartridges offered by Inkjets.com come with a neat 1-year warranty, plus money-back guarantee and free returns. If you're not entirely satisfied with our options, just turn to our friendly and reliable representatives for the appropriate solution.

Do you offer same-day shipping?

Yep! Just make sure to complete your orders by 3pm Pacific Time (except Fridays, weekends and holidays), and we'll ship your toner on the same day.