Intellifax 1860C

Intellifax 1860C

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If you need more than just a fax machine for your business, then you'd better choose the Brother Intellifax 1860c. This machine not only sends and receives both black and color faxes but also offers a fast color copying function. It comes with a 16MB memory that can store up to 300 pages for out-of-paper reception and a 100-sheet paper capacity that will help you save time and effort refilling paper when copying a large volume of documents. For replacement ink cartridges, you can enjoy more savings with Inkjets' brand-new, high-quality compatible ink cartridges that cost up to 70% off than the originals. Check out our Brother LC-51 Compatible 5-Piece Combo Pack from our listing below to know more.

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  1. Brother LC51 Compatible, Carrot Bunch 5 piece Carrot Bunch, (2) black, 1 Cyan, Magenta, 1 Yellow
    Brother LC51 Compatible Ink Cartridge 5-Pack Combo
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    • (2) Compatible LC-51 Black
    • (1) Compatible LC-51 Cyan
    • (1) Compatible LC-51 Magenta
    • (1) Compatible LC-51 Yellow
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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here are the steps to replacing the ink cartridge on the Brother Intellifax 1860c:


  1. Open the ink cartridge cover.
  2. Pull the lock release lever down, and then take the empty ink cartridge out of the Intellifax 1860c.
  3. Remove the new ink cartridge from the package. Make sure to remove all its packing materials including the protective yellow cap before installation.
  4. Insert the new cartridge into the empty slot—see to it that it is installed in the direction of the arrow on the label.
  5. Lift the lock release lever gently and push it until it clicks.
  6. Close the ink cartridge cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


How would I know if one of the ink cartridges in the Brother Intellifax 1860c is empty?

If one of the ink cartridges is empty, your Intellifax 1860c LCD will show the 'Ink Empty (color of the cartridge)' and 'Replace Ink' message.


Why should I avoid taking any ink cartridge out of Intellifax 1860c if it's not low or empty?

Taking any ink cartridge out of the Intellifax 1860c without the need to replace it may reduce the ink quantity inside the cartridge and the machine will not be able to detect the remaining ink accurately.


What to do if faded or streaked colors and text appear on the print results?

Faded or streaked colors and text on the printed output may be due to clogged nozzles. So, you'd better clean the printhead to unclog the nozzles for improved print quality.