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The Brother MFC-8840 makes the small tasks of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing documents easy to perform, so you can focus on what matters more to your business. This all-in-one machine offers attractive print quality with print speed of up to 21 pages per minute at 600 dpi resolution. Plus, it can connect to the office network, so you can conveniently scan and print from any computer in the office. But just like any office printer, it can run out of toner when you least expected it too. So, make sure to always have a spare replacement toner cartridge on hand. Get one here at, your reliable online source of brand-new, high-quality, and affordable compatible toner cartridges for most Brother printer models. We carry the Brother TN570 Compatible Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge at a fraction of the cost of your genuine toner. Shop here now!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow the 10 steps below to change the toner cartridge on the Brother MFC-8840:


  1. Press the button to open the front cover of the printer.
  2. Pull out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly.
  3. Push the blue lock lever on the right of the old toner cartridge.
  4. Take out the toner cartridge by pulling it.
  5. Grab the new toner cartridge.
  6. Gently shake the toner cartridge five or six times to distribute the toner inside the cartridge.
  7. Pull off any shipping tabs from the cartridge.
  8. Insert the toner cartridge into the drum unit until you hear it click into position.
  9. Reinstall the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back into the printer.
  10. Close the front cover of the printer.


Frequently Asked Questions


My Brother MFC-8840 now uses a compatible toner cartridge. But recently, I noticed some dots on the printed pages. Is the compatible cartridge the culprit?

That's very unlikely. Dots on the printouts are often caused by a foreign material inside the machine (such as paper dust, staples, or glue from envelopes or labels) damaging or sticking to the drum's surface. When toner sticks or builds up on these areas, black dots are created on the printouts.


Are the toner cartridge and the drum unit replaced at the same time?

Not necessarily. The toner cartridge and the drum unit are two separate consumables. When one consumable is damaged or depleted, just replace it and leave the other one as is.


Is it possible to place my compatible toner cartridge offline?

Yes, absolutely! Our Customer Service Department is available from Monday to Friday between 7:00AM and 5:00PM. Just give us a call at 1-888-679-9416, and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be more than glad to assist you in placing your compatible toner cartridge order.