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With its affordability and reliability, Canon's PIXMA and MAXIFY printer family is one of the most popular choices for inkjet printers. These versatile printers are ideal for both document and photo printing, thanks to their high ink efficiency and performance. Whether you're looking for a home printer or a device for your small office, the PIXMA family has the perfect solution for you.

Canon Printers


All Canon PIXMA printers use either PGI (pigment) or CLI (Chromalife dye) inks. While our remanufactured and compatible cartridges don’t use the same patented ink, they can still produce high print quality for all popular Canon printers.

Canon Pixma MX922 and MX920

PIXMA MX922 and MX920 

The PIXMA MX922 and MX920 photo printers are some of the most popular in the PIXMA family. They offer reliable prints with an exceptional resolution, ideal for producing high-quality detail in documents and photos with its PGI-250XL and CLI-251XL ink cartridges. Whether you're using a photo paper or another paper type, their 5-color ink system delivers business-quality text and vivid photos with accurate colours.

Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Printer


The Canon PIXMA Pro-100 printer is a popular model from the PIXMA family that is designed for photographers. It has A3+ borderless printing and an OIG (Optimum Image Generating) system that ensures a seamless, beautiful print. The ink cartridge used by the PIXMA Pro-100 is the CLI-42.

Canon Maxify Printers


The Maxify printer family is designed for printing documents using PGI (Pigment-based ink), making it a great choice for printing text.. These ink cartridges are larger than average ink cartridges and can produce more prints. The most popular MAXIFY printer is the MB2320, and its PGI-1200XL ink cartridge. This printer has a wireless printing feature that allows you to print documents from your smartphone or tablet.


Canon toner printers from the ImageClass and the i-Sensys printer families are popular for a variety of reasons. The ImageClass printer family is known for its multi-functionality, allowing users to print, scan, and copy documents with ease. The MF624CWMF733CDW, and MF634CDW are some of the most commonly used printers and are perfect for those who require a large number of documents printed. Whether at home or in a small office, these printers are sure to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Canon toner printers

Canon Imageclass Printers


The ImageClass printers come in different models, which can be identified by the letters C, D, and W. The C model is for color printing, the D model is for duplex printing (printing on both sides of the paper), and the W model is for wireless printing. All of these printers use a single cartridge system, which combines the toner and drum into one unit, making it easy to replace when needed.

Canon i-Sensys printer


The most popular printer in the i-Sensys printer family is the i-SENSYS LBP-113w, which is a single-function printer that has a 150-sheet paper capacity and prints at speeds of up to 22 pages per minute. It has wireless and USB connectivity, making it perfect for offices with multiple users. Additionally, i-Sensys printers use the Canon 047 toner and 049 drum, which are designed for printing both documents and color images.


Compatible Ink & Toner


Compatible printer cartridges are cartridges that are not made by the original manufacturer of the printer, but are built by an aftermarket manufacturer. The actual ink cartridges may look slightly different compared to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges, but they will work just as well. An example of a compatible cartridge is our Canon CLI-42.

Similar to OEM cartridges, aftermarket printer cartridges are designed to work with a specific printer model. However, they do not infringe on any patents and are much cheaper than OEM cartridges.


Remanufactured Ink & Toner


Remanufactured printer cartridges are recycled OEM cartridges. While recycled printer cartridges may be less expensive than genuine OEM cartridges, they can be more expensive than compatible printer cartridges. An example of a recycled cartridge is our Canon PG-245XL & 246XL. These cartridges have been through deep cleaning, restoration, and then refilled with ink. They are also put through rigorous testing to make sure they are working perfectly.



Pigment-based inks, perfect for documents



Dye-based inks, great for photos



Pigment-based inks that come in sets of 3 or 6



Dye-based ink. The “e” stands for enhanced

You can use our website's product description pages to identify which type of ink is compatible with your printer.

When choosing a brand new printer or printer cartridge, it's important to consider both the price and the page yield. The page yield is the approximate number of pages a cartridge can produce before it runs out of ink or toner. Cartridges often come in either standard yield or high yield. High-yield cartridges print more pages compared to standard-yield cartridges and are typically indicated by an XL, XXL, JUMBO, or Super High Yield attribute in their product names.

Printers use different sizes of ink and toner cartridges, but the amount of pages each one can print is not based on the cartridge size. The XXL cartridge will be the same size as the XL one, but it can print more pages. Usually, ink cartridges have a page yield of up to 1000 pages, while toner cartridges have a yield of more than 1000 pages. To choose the best cartridge for your needs, you can refer to the page yield information listed on all our products. This will help you select the cartridge that offers the best value for your money.

print in grayscale when printing black-and-white documents

Print in grayscale when printing black-and-white documents.

Black-and-white printing jobs sometimes use not just the black cartridge, unless specified in the printer settings that you only want to use the black ink cartridge. This helps you conserve non-black inks.

use print preview before printing

Use print preview before printing.

To make sure you're only printing the information you need, delete all unnecessary info.

print in draft mode for reference materials

Print in draft mode for reference materials.

When you print a document, you can choose to print in draft mode. This makes the printer print a lower resolution version of the document. This can be useful for reference materials, as it makes them easier to read.

choose a more ink-friendly font

Choose a more ink-friendly font.

Font choice can make a big difference when printing. Some fonts, such as Arial, can use up to 27% more ink than other fonts, like Calibri or Century Gothic.



Canon printers all have a very peculiar way to bypass error messages. If the printer throws back an error message while printing using a compatible or remanufactured cartridge, simply hold the Cancel/Stop button for 10 seconds, and it will force the printing job through. This is also a great way to troubleshoot when the printer shows an empty cartridge or when the cartridge cannot be detected.


At, you can buy canon ink and toner cartridges as a single unit, or as a combo. Though we offer discounts on single unit cartridges, you can save much more when buying individually. We also offer additional discounts on bulk purchases or both single cartridges and combo packs. Such that if you purchase more than one, your price per cartridge or combo is generally less for each than if you were to buy only one.

Every product you buy is covered by a 1-year warranty and money-back guarantee. If you own a Canon printer, we have you covered.

To order, call one of our friendly customer service reps, or place your order online. With our money-back guarantee, your order is virtually risk-free. You can get your orders shipped to you as fast as possible, with free shipping for orders and above.

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