ImageClass LBP654cdw

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Designed for small and medium-size businesses, the Canon ImageClass LBP654CDW offers feature-rich capabilities that help boost productivity and enhance work efficiency. And if you want to reduce your printing costs while using this machine, you always have the option to get economical alternatives such as the ones we offer here at Inkjets. The compatible toners included in our Compatible Canon 046H 4-Piece Combo Pack cost as much as 70% less than the OEMs but are guaranteed to perform with your Canon ImageClass LBP654CDW or your money back. They are specially engineered to meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and exceptional yields of OEM Canon 046H. So, start saving on printing costs while enjoying the same high-quality print results with our compatible Canon cartridges. Buy here now!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow this simple step-by-step guide if you need to replace the toner cartridge on the Canon ImageClass LBP654CDW:

  1. Begin by opening the front cover. To access the old toner cartridge, pull the toner cartridge tray out of the ImageClass LBP654CDW.
  2. Remove the used toner cartridge from the tray.
  3. Get the new toner cartridge and remove any packaging material that is used to protect it during shipping.
  4. By shaking the cartridge five or six times, you will be able to distribute the toner evely. Be careful not to touch the drum on the cartridge when doing this process.
  5. Keep in mind to always match the color of the toner cartridge with the color label on the slot.
  6. Push the cartridge firmly into the machine until it locks into place.
  7. Before you close the front cover, put the toner cartridge tray back into its original position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue printing when the <Prepare cartridge.> appears on the Canon ImageClass LBP654CDW display?

Yes. You can continue printing. But be ready to replace the old cartridge soon to avoid any printing delay.

Streaks appeared on the printouts. Do I have to replace the nearly empty toner cartridge to fix this print quality issue?

Yes. You must replace the nearly empty toner cartridge to get rid of the streaks on the printouts.

I need the Compatible Canon 046H as soon as possible. Does Inkjets offer expedited shipping?

Yes. Inkjets offers expedited shipping via UPS. Just pay the additional charge for expedited shipping, and we'll deliver the item to you fast.