ImageClass MF4690

ImageClass MF4690

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A fax machine, scanner, copier, and printer in one, the Canon imageCLASS MF4690 is an all-around solution that every small office or workgroup will appreciate. It also offers print and copy speeds of up to 21 pages per minute, with flexible paper handling to address a variety of printing needs.

Replacement toner cartridges from include compatible Canon FX-9 black toner cartridges, Canon FX-10 black toner cartridges, and Canon 104 (0263B001AA) black toner cartridge twin-pack. All replacement toner cartridges come with discounts and 100% money-back guarantees valid for one year for your protection.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replacing a toner cartridge for the Canon imageCLASS MF4690 is easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Lift the scanning unit until it locks into place.
  2. Open the toner cover.
  3. Pull out old toner cartridge.
  4. Remove new toner cartridge from packaging.
  5. Gently rock the new toner cartridge a few times to distribute toner inside evenly.
  6. Place new toner cartridge on a flat surface.
  7. Hold it in place with one hand and pull the cartridge's sealing tape straight out to the side.
  8. Hold the new toner cartridge by its handle and insert it in, following the guide on the right side of the machine.
  9. Push new toner cartridge until it is firmly in place.
  10. Close the toner cover.
  11. Close the scanning platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there precautions to handling toner cartridges?

Just make sure you don't touch the drum unit to avoid printing issues and to be careful of toner spills. If you get some toner on your clothes or skin, wash it off immediately with COLD water. Don't use hot water because the heat will permanently set the stain.

How do I store replacement toner cartridges?

Replacement toner cartridges, like Canon FX-9 black toner cartridges, Canon FX-10 black toner cartridges, and Canon 104 (0263B001AA) black toner cartridges for the Canon imageCLASS MF4690, should be kept away from high heat and direct sunlight. You should also only open packages right before a replacement.

How long do replacement toner cartridges last?

Compatible Canon FX-9 and Canon FX-10 toner cartridges are rated to produce up to about 2,000 pages. Stored right, your toner cartridges, including Canon 104 black toner cartridges, will stay in good condition for at least 18 months.