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With the Color Laser 1320C from Dell, you can enjoy professional-quality prints with up to 600 x 600 dpi resolution. It also offers print speeds of up to 16 pages per minute in black, so it gets those print jobs done in less time. And since it has the option to use high-yield toner cartridges, it sure helps high-volume users print with fewer refill interruptions. If you're among them, you'd be glad to know that there are cheaper alternatives right here at Inkjets.com. Our Compatible Dell 310-9058, Dell 310-9060, Dell 310-9062, and Dell 310-9064 High-Yield Toner Cartridges offer the same 2000-page yield but at up to 70% less than the cost of their OEM counterparts. Buy here now!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here are the 6 steps to replacing the toner cartridge on the Dell Color Laser 1320C:

  1. Open the side cover of your Dell Color Laser 1320C.
  2. To replace the empty toner cartridge, push the latch backwards to pop it open.
  3. Pull the cartridge holder until it clicks, and then remove the toner cartridge by pulling it out of the machine.
  4. Take the new toner cartridge out of the package and shake it five or six times to distribute the toner inside evenly. Then, slowly pull the protective tape from the cartridge.
  5. Insert the new cartridge in its corresponding holder and slide the latch of the new cartridge.
  6. Close the side cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any storage tips to keep the unused Dell Color Laser 1320C toner cartridge fresh?

If you've got unused Dell Color Laser 1320C toner cartridge, make sure to keep it in its original packaging until you are ready to install it. Also, do not store it in temperatures greater than 40°C (104°F) and under direct sunlight.

How can I conserve toner when printing with my Laser 1320C?

To conserve toner when printing, you may select the Toner Saving Mode in the Advanced tab of your Laser 1320C printer setting.

I just replaced the toner cartridge, but the image quality is still low. What could be the problem?

If the image quality is low, chances are the Toner Saving Mode feature is on. Try deselecting it and see if the image quality improves.