Expression XP-6000

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The Epson Expression Premium XP-600 lets you print stunning photos up to 8 x 10 inches at 15.8 ISO ppm (black) and 11.3 ISO ppm (color) print speeds. And for a 4 x 6 inches photo, it could take less than 15 seconds. Now, combine that with auto duplex printing, built-in USB and memory card slots, and 2.4 inches color LCD and touch panel and you're sure in for a convenient, hassle-free photo printing. How about adding affordable replacement Epson ink cartridges to the mix? We've got them right here at Inkjets. Purchase our Epson 302XL Remanufactured High-Yield Ink Cartridge 5-Piece Combo Pack and get up to 40% savings on high-quality ink.

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  1. Epson 302XL High-Yield Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 5-Pack Combo
    Remanufactured Epson 302XL Ink Cartridge High-Yield 5-Piece Combo Pack
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    Includes 1 Epson 302XL (T302XL020) Black, 1 Epson 302XL (T302XL120) Photo Black, 1 Epson 302XL (T302XL220) Cyan, 1 Epson 302XL (T302XL320) Magenta, and 1 Epson 302XL (T302XL420) Yellow High-Yield remanufactured ink cartridge. Learn More
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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here are 10 easy steps to replace the ink cartridge on the Epson Expression Premium XP-600:

  1. Make sure that the Expression Premium XP-600 is on. Then, follow the prompt on your printer's LCD screen.
  2. To begin the manual ink replacement process, press the Home button.
  3. Select Maintenance, and then select Ink Cartridge Replacement.
  4. Once you click Start, lift the scanner unit until it clicks.
  5. Press the tab on the empty ink cartridge and pull it out of the printer.
  6. Get the new ink cartridge package and remove it from the bag.
  7. If you are replacing the black ink cartridge, make sure to shake the new cartridge first before installing. No need to shake the other color ink cartridges.
  8. Remove the packaging and the protective cap from the new cartridge.
  9. Insert the new cartridge into the empty slot and slightly push it to secure it in its position.
  10. Lower the scanner unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

I installed a new set of ink cartridges into my Epson Expression Premium XP-600. But when I tried printing, it just won't print. What could be the problem?

If you are not able to print after installing new ink cartridges into your Epson printer, it's most likely that you turned off the machine while the ink is charging. Try removing the cartridges and reinstall them. Make sure to keep the printer on until it's done charging the ink.

I ordered the Epson 302XL Remanufactured High-Yield Ink Cartridge 5-Piece Combo Pack. When will it ship if I availed of the free shipping?

The delivery period of our free ground shipping is 3 to 8 business days.

We are looking for an ink cartridge supplier. Do you offer any corporate discounts?

Yes. We give a huge discount for orders $500 and over. Feel free to reach out to us for more details.