Expression XP-7100

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Create beautiful documents and stunning photos with our remanufactured Epson Premium XP-7100 ink catridges, which are loaded with a premium proprietary ink blend. Order now and take advantage of our exciting deals and 1-year money-back guarantee!

A color photo printer should make photo printing projects easier and the Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 does just that. It's made to deliver superior photo quality that's comparable to what you'll get from professional photo studios, thanks to its individual 5-color Claria inks. It's also designed with an intuitive 4.3 inches touchscreen that allows you to view, edit, and print photos directly from USB or SD card slot. And since it's wireless, it lets you print directly from your tablet or smartphone for more convenience.

Looking for more affordable replacement ink cartridges for this printer? Then, Inkjets has got you covered. We carry a wide selection of cheap but high-quality remanufactured Epson ink cartridges including the Epson 410XL (T410XL020) Remanufactured Black High-Yield Ink Cartridge. Feel free to contact us to place your order.

Compatible ink for Epson Premium XP-7100

The Epson Premium XP-7100 uses Epson 410XL ink cartridges.

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    Remanufactured Epson 410XL Ink Cartridge 5-Piece High-Yield
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    Includes 1 Black, 1 Photo Black, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, and 1 Yellow, Remanufactured High-Yield Ink Cartridges

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow these easy steps to install a remanufactured Epson Expression XP-7100 ink cartridge:

  1. Before you start, make sure that the CD/DVD tray is not installed.
  2. Turn on your Epson EXPRESSION PREMIUM XP-7100 and lift its scanning unit.
  3. Press the blue tab to release the used ink cartridge from its slot.
  4. Take the new ink cartridge out of its package and remove its protective cap otherwise your printer will not detect it.
  5. Install the ink cartridge at a slight angle into the cartridge holder.
  6. Close the scanning unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm expecting my ordered ink cartridges to be delivered today. Can I already remove the empty ink cartridges from my Epson Expression Premium XP-7100?

No. You must leave the empty ink cartridges inside your Epson printer until you are ready to replace them with the new ones to prevent the printhead nozzles from drying out.

Can I shake the new Epson ink cartridges prior to installation?

Well, for the black Epson ink cartridge, yes. You may shake it gently four or five times before installing. But for the color ink or photo black cartridges, no.

I am replacing the black cartridge with the photo black. Can I still use the black cartridge later since it still has sufficient ink?

Yes. If you remove the black ink cartridge for later use, make sure to recap it to prevent the ink from drying out. Also, make sure to store it in a cool, dry place.