Expression XP-630

Expression XP-630

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The Epson Expression XP-360 printer guarantees convenient usage thanks to its wireless connectivity. ISO print speeds are rated at 1.0 ppm for mono prints and 10.0 ppm for photos, flyers, and other color prints. CD and DVD trays are available to effortlessly print labels. Want to get the same stunning photos without putting a dent in your wallet? Get our cheaper replacement Epson Expressions XP-630 ink cartridges that deliver reliable printing performance and high output quality that's comparable to OEMs.

We offer the High-Yield Remanufactured Epson 410XL Ink Cartridges available in black, photo black, magenta, cyan, and yellow. They are designed to fit inside your printer perfectly, so installation is a breeze. Buy them here now!

Compatible ink for Epson Expression XP-630

The Epson Expression XP-630 uses Epson 410XL ink cartridges.

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    Remanufactured Epson 410XL Ink Cartridge 5-Piece High-Yield
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    Includes 1 Black, 1 Photo Black, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, and 1 Yellow, Remanufactured High-Yield Ink Cartridges

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow this easy step-by-step guide if you need to replace an Epson Expression XP-360 ink cartridge:

  1. Make sure that your Epson Expression XP-360 printer is on. If not, press the power button.
  2. Use the slot on the left side of your printer to lift the scanner. Push the release the tab of the empty cartridge. Then, lift the cartridge out.
  3. Slide the front portion of the new cartridge to the slot. Push down its lower end until you hear a click.
  4. Close the cartridge cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the ink status using the Epson Expression XP-630 LCD screen?

To check the ink status on your printers LCD screen, simply press the home button, select Setup, and press OK. Then, select Ink Levels and press OK. The ink level for each cartridge will then be displayed.

Up to how long can I keep the unused Epson ink cartridges in storage? Im getting the Epson 410XL High-Yield Remanufactured 10-Piece Combo Pack, but I will be using only four and keep the rest as spare.

Our remanufactured Epson ink cartridges have a shelf life of 24-36 months. Be sure to use them by then and keep them sealed in their original packaging while in storage.

What is the difference between the black ink cartridge and the photo black ink cartridge?

The black ink cartridge is typically used to print black and white text, while a photo black ink cartridge is designed specifically for photo printing.