Expression XP-810

Expression XP-810

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The Epson Expression XP810 is a small printer that can go head-to-head with other larger printers in the market. It can efficiently meet your demands, thanks to its automatic document feeder with 30-sheet capacity. Furthermore, wireless printing is available for convenient printing from your gadget. For more convenient online shopping experience, choose only Inkjets. We have been providing reliable and more affordable remanufactured Epson ink cartridges for more than two decades now, yet we continue to improve your experience with us by adding features like Live Chat. Order your needed Remanufactured Epson 273XL from the comfort of your home or office today!

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  1. 273XL_Combo10_Carrot_Ink
    Epson 273XL Remanufactured High-Yield 10-Piece Combo Pack
    100% of 100

    Includes 2 Black, 2 Photo Black, 2 Cyan, 2 Magenta, and 2 Yellow, Remanufactured High-Yield Toner Cartridges

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    10 Cartridges / $ ea
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  2. Epson 273XL High-Yield Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 5-Pack Combo
    Epson 273XL High-Yield Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 5-Pack Combo
    100% of 100

    Includes 1 Epson 273XL Black, 1 Epson 273XL Photo Black, 1 Epson 273XL Cyan, 1 Epson 273XL Magenta, and 1 Epson 273XL Yellow Remanufactured Ink Cartridges.

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    5 Cartridges / $ ea
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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Change the ink cartridge on your Epson Expression XP-810 in 6 easy steps. Here's how:

  1. See to it that the CD/DVD tray is not installed before you press the Power button of your Expression XP-810.
  2. Open the scanning unit until it locks into place. The printhead will then move and stop at the replacement position.
  3. Once the printhead is idle and silent, press the blue tab on the cartridge that needs replacement, and then pull it out of the printer.
  4. Take the new cartridge out of the package. It is extremely important that the protective cap on the cartridge is removed before you install it inside the printer.
  5. Put the cartridge in its corresponding slot. Make sure that it is securely seated by pressing it in.
  6. Close the scanning unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if one or more Epson Expression XP-810 ink cartridges are empty?

To determine if one or more Epson ink cartridges are empty, simply turn on your printer and check if there's a message on the LCD screen saying which cartridge needs replacement.

Can I remove the printhead by hand?

No. You must not remove the printhead by hand because it might get damaged.

I am getting the Epson 273XL 5-Pack High Yield Remanufactured Ink Cartridges. Can I get two black ink cartridges instead of the photo black cartridge?

No. Our 5-pack is pre-assembled, so you will get exactly what's included in the package. If you need an extra black ink cartridge, you may purchase an individual cartridge and combine it with your 5-pack order.