Stylus Photo R300

Stylus Photo R300

With the Epson Stylus Photo R300, you can get more prints. In a minute, it can produce 30 high-quality black and white pages. Paper handling is exceptional for standard papers, as well as envelopes and labels. This Stylus model is equipped with six individual ink cartridges for accurate color capturing. If one of the ink cartridges run out of ink, simply replace that specific cartridge and you're good to go. Looking for more affordable options when it comes to replacement Epson Stylus Photo R300 ink cartridges? Inkjets has got what you need at reasonably low prices. Our Remanufactured Epson 48 Ink Cartridges are guaranteed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations at a fraction of the cost of OEMs, so shop here now!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here are 7 easy steps to replacing the ink cartridge on the Epson Stylus PHOTO R300:

  1. Make sure that your Epson Stylus PHOTO R300 is turned on.
  2. Open the printer cover. The ink button should be pressed and released afterwards.
  3. Lift the cartridge cover to open.
  4. Press down on the release tab of the old ink cartridge. Then, slide it out of its slot.
  5. Remove the new ink cartridge from the protective bag. Set aside the bag for future use.
  6. Push the cartridge down firmly into the holder until you hear an audible click.
  7. Close the ink cartridge cover followed by the printer cover, and then press the ink button.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am getting very light printouts. Does this mean I have to replace the Epson Stylus Photo R300 ink cartridges?

That's likely. But before you do, verify if this print quality issue is not caused by clogged nozzles. Try printing a nozzle check pattern. If the results indicate clogged nozzles, clean the printhead and see if it helps improve the print quality.

How would I know if the ink cartridge is running low on ink?

The ink cartridge is low on ink if the red ink light flashes.

There are misaligned vertical lines on the printouts. What to do?

If there are misaligned vertical lines on the printouts, you may align the printhead either from the control panel or using your printer software.