HP Deskjet 3720 Ink

Cartridge prices starting at $20.95

Exceptional printing comes with an affordable price. Use our remanufactured HP Deskjet 3720 cartridges and you can save money while receiving great looking prints. All of our products are manufactured using the same standards that the big name brand companies follow. In most cases, our remanufactured HP Deskjet 3720 cartridges will meet or exceed the quality the name brands use. We stand behind all of our products, and we make it better with our 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our products. We guarantee that our cartridges offer similar page yields and quality for a fraction of the cost. With fast shipping, and free shipping on eligible orders, we know for sure that you too will be pleased with our products. If you have any questions you can always reach us via email, phone, or live chat so we can assist you with any issues.

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

Here are the steps to replacing the ink cartridge into the HP DeskJet 3720:

  1. Turn the HP Deskjet 3720 on and open the ink cartridge access door.
  2. Wait until the ink cartridge carriage moves to the center of the printer.
  3. Take the cartridge out of its package, and then remove the orange protective tape. Do not touch the ink nozzles and the copper-colored contacts.
  4. Hold the cartridge on its sides and insert it into the open slot. To make sure it's positioned properly, the copper-colored contacts should be facing the back of the printer.
  5. Slide the cartridge in until you hear it click into place.
  6. Close the ink cartridge access door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get three tri-color ink cartridges and just two black ink cartridges when I purchase your

HP 65XL Remanufactured High-Yield 5-Piece Combo Pack for my HP Deskjet 3720?

We pre-pack our combo-packs, so you get exactly what's included in the package. If you need an extra tri-color ink cartridge, you can always buy it individually.

How do I reach you if I need troubleshooting assistance?

For troubleshooting assistance, feel free to reach us via our hotline or chat with us using our Live Chat feature.

What is the difference between the HP65 and 65XL?

The HP 65 is a standard ink cartridge while the 65XL is a high-yield ink cartridge. Both come in the same dimensions that will fit in your HP Deskjet 3720, but they contain different amounts of ink, with the HP 65XL containing more so it prints more pages.

Cartridges compatible with your HP Deskjet 3720

HP 65XL Remanufactured High-Yield 3-Piece Combo Pack

$20.98 per Cartridge

Regular Price: $135.99

(54% OFF)

Special Price $62.95

3 Pieces $20.98 EACH
- +

HP 65XL (N9K03AN) Remanufactured Color High-Yield Ink Cartrdige

300 Page Yield

Regular Price: $59.99

(60% OFF)

Special Price $23.95

- +

HP 65XL (N9K04AN) Remanufactured Black High-Yield Ink Cartridge

300 Page Yield

Regular Price: $49.99

(58% OFF)

Special Price $20.95

- +