LaserJet Pro 200 M251nw

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If it's professional-quality color documents that you're after, then the HP Laserjet Pro 200 M251NW makes the perfect addition to your growing business. It prints at a maximum resolution of up to 600 x 600 dpi with speeds of up to 14 ppm both in black and in color. It also offers wireless connectivity, so you can conveniently share it with your small workgroup in the office. Continuously enjoy all these features and benefits—replace its empty toner cartridge to resume printing immediately. has got you covered—our remanufactured HP 131X Black, for one, is designed to work just as good as its genuine counterpart. Check out our listing below for the exact toner cartridge that you need.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replace the toner cartridge on the HP Laserjet Pro 200 M251NW by following these steps:


  1. Open the front door of the printer. Then, pull out the toner cartridge drawer.
  2. Grasp the handle on the toner cartridge, and then pull the toner cartridge straight up to remove it.
  3. Remove the new toner cartridge from the packaging, and gently rock it from front to back to distribute the toner evenly.
  4. Remove the plastic shield from the bottom of the new toner cartridge, and then insert the new toner cartridge into the printer.
  5. Pull the tab on the left side of the toner cartridge straight up to completely remove the sealing tape.
  6. Close the toner cartridge drawer, and close the front door.


Frequently Asked Questions


I just installed a black toner cartridge on my HP Laserjet Pro 200 M251NW, but why does it say 'Install cartridge?'

When the HP Laserjet Pro 200 M251NW displays the 'Install cartridge' message even if a new black cartridge is installed, it simply indicates that it is not installed correctly inside the printer. Remove it and reinstall it properly to fix the issue.


What is the advantage and disadvantage of printing with EconoMode?

The main advantage of printing with EconoMode is that you get to save on toner since this only prints drafts of documents. The disadvantage, on the other hand, is that the toner supply might outlast the mechanical parts in the cartridge.


How long do the unused toner cartridges last?

Our remanufactured toner cartridges can last from 24 to 36 months when stored properly in a cool, dry place. If you have unused toner cartridges, keep them in their original packaging and store them away from direct sunlight.