LaserJet Pro M501dn

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You can always count on the HP LaserJet Pro M501dn for fast and dependable performance. It offers high-speed printing of up to 45 pages per minute on letter, or up to 43 pages per minute on A4—with the first print out in as little as 5.7 seconds. But what if it's almost out toner? Then you only need to get high-quality replacement cartridges from We have our bestselling HP 87X (CF287X) Compatible Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge, which ensures smoother printing via its impressive 18000-page yield. Not only that, this cartridge uses a rich toner blend to create the sharpest and most vivid monochrome output. Compared to its alternatives, however, our option comes at a far more budget-friendly price. Order now and get up to 77% discount, along with free shipping.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

You can promptly replace the used toner cartridge in your HP LaserJet Pro M501dn printer by following this handy guide:

  1. Open the front door by pressing the release button on the left side of the device.
  2. Grasp the handle of the old toner cartridge and pull it out of the printer.
  3. Take the new toner cartridge out of its box and packaging.
  4. Holding both ends of the new cartridge, rock it up to 6 times to distribute the toner evenly inside.
  5. Align the new toner cartridge with its slot, then insert it into the printer until it's firmly seated.
  6. Close the front door, and you're all set.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store my unopened toner cartridges properly?

If you've ordered our HP 87X (CF287X) Compatible Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge and don't plan to use it anytime soon, make sure it's stored properly. This means keeping it away from spaces with extreme lighting and temperature, or gaseous cleaning materials. Instead, store it somewhere dark, dry, and climate-controlled to help retain its quality and composition.

Is there a difference between toner and ink cartridges?

Yes. Toner cartridges are used in laser printers like the HP LaserJet Pro M501dn. Ink cartridges, on the other hand, are used in inkjet printers.

Why should I invest in compatible toner cartridges from

Aside from access to our high-quality but cost-effective compatible toner cartridges, you'll also benefit from the exclusive 1-year warranty, 100% money-back guarantee and free returns included with them.