LaserJet 1320

Cartridge prices starting at $29.99

Our affordable compatible HP LaserJet 1320 toner cartridge lets you keep your printing expenses at a minimum. Order now and enjoy big savings on high-quality HP ink cartridges, free shipping on orders over $30, and an awesome 1-year money-back guarantee.

The HP LaserJet 1320 features a 1,200 dpi laser quality and printing speeds of up to 22 pages per minute. These features allow this unit it to be a reliable partner within the office. And with Inkjet toners, you can play your part in cutting down company expenses, thanks to our competitive pricing.

Whether you order our HP 49X (Q5949X) Compatible Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge, our HP 49A (Q5949A) Compatible JUMBO Black Toner Cartridge, or our HP 49A (Q5949A) Compatible Black Toner Cartridge, we guarantee you of their quality. All these toners are made to meet and exceed OEM standards; affordable as they may be, we do not compromise their quality.

Our customer service team is waiting and ready to answer any of your inquiries via email, phone call, or live chat.

Compatible toner for HP LaserJet 1320

The HP LaserJet 1320 uses HP 49A and HP49X ink cartridges.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. When it's time to replace the toner, the indicator light will be lit orange.
  2. Open your printer’s front cover.
  3. Pull out the old toner cartridge.
  4. Unbox your new toner cartridge. Then, bend the tab on the left side of toner to break it loose. Pull it until the entire tape is removed.
  5. Shake the new toner gently back and forth.
  6. Insert your new toner into the printer.
  7. Close your printer’s front cover.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between HP 49A, HP 49A JUMBO, and HP 49X?

These are all high-quality inks. They do, however, differ in page yield. Our HP 49A (Q5949A) Compatible Black Toner Cartridge can print up to 2,500 pages, our HP 49A (Q5949A) Compatible JUMBO Black Toner Cartridge can print up to 4,000 pages, and our HP 49X (Q5949X) Compatible Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge can print up to 6,000 pages. Please note that the frequency of your printing and your printer’s settings can affect these estimations.

Will this void my warranty?

No, it won’t. Our products are cleaned, repaired, and refilled empty OEM cartridges. This means you’ll get them with the same features and dimensions as that of original toners. That said, they will work well with your printer without voiding its warranty.

What should I do if I encounter any problems while using this?

Please feel free to contact our customer service team via live chat, email, or phone call. We’ll gladly help you out with your issues.