OfficeJet 4215

OfficeJet 4215

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The HP Officejet 4215 lets you enjoy high-quality prints page after page with its optimized color resolution of 4800 x 1200. Print speeds can reach up to 12 pages per minute for color printing. This HP device also enhances productivity with its 100-sheet paper input tray and 20-sheet automatic document feeder. Still contemplating whether to use remanufactured HP ink cartridges on your Officejet 4215 or not? You don't have to worry as we offer a full-year, money-back guarantee on all our remanufactured ink cartridges, including the HP 28, HP 56, HP 57, and HP 58 ink cartridges. Contact us today to learn more about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Learn how to replace the HP Officejet 4215 ink cartridge from the helpful guide below:

  1. Press the power button and load white paper into the input tray. Then, open the ink cartridge access door.
  2. Press down on the cartridge that needs replacement and then pull it out of the printer.
  3. Take the new cartridge out of its package and remove the plastic tape. Make sure not to touch the copper contacts or ink nozzles.
  4. Insert the new cartridge into the correct slot until it snaps into place. Then, close the printer cover.
  5. Don't forget to press OK. The machine will then start printing an alignment page.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just replaced the tri-color ink cartridge on my HP Officejet 4215, but why is it still producing poor-quality prints?

If you still get poor-quality prints even with a newly installed tri-color ink cartridge, chances are the plastic tape on the new cartridge was not removed or the printhead nozzles are clogged. Remove the cartridge and peel off the plastic tape before reinstalling it. Or clean the printhead to unclog the nozzles.

Is it really necessary for the printer to print an alignment page every time a new ink cartridge is installed?

Yes. The printer must print an alignment page after replacing or installing a cartridge to ensure high-quality output.

If the printer does not print an alignment page automatically, can I do it manually?

Yes. You may print an alignment page manually via the printer control panel.