OfficeJet 6110

OfficeJet 6110

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The HP Officejet 6110 is a multifunction device that efficiently guards to meet your growing business' demands. Quality and clarity won't be a problem because it can give a print resolution of 1200 x1200 while scan of 2400 x 1200. In one minute, it can give 19 pages. But a good printer needs high-quality ink to continuously deliver excellent print results. And this is what we offer here at Inkjets. For your Officejet 6110, we've got the Remanufactured HP 22, 27, 56, and 58 ink cartridges. They are designed to meet or even exceed OE standards, so you get the same high print results without spending much. Each remanufactured HP ink cartridge from Inkjets is backed by our one-year, no-hassle return policy. So, if you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, we'll arrange for an exchange or a refund.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here's how to replace the ink cartridge on the HP Officejet 6110:

  1. Make sure that your HP Officejet 6110 is on.
  2. Lift the handle to open the ink carriage access door and wait for the ink carriage to move to the center of the printer.
  3. Lift the latch to release the cartridge that needs replacement and pull it out of its slot.
  4. Take the new cartridge out of the package and remove the plastic tape. Do not touch the copper contacts or ink nozzles.
  5. Place the new cartridge into the proper slot. Then, pull the latch down over the new cartridge to secure it in its position.
  6. Close the ink carriage access door.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just installed a remanufactured ink cartridge into the HP OfficeJet 6110. But, why did the ‘Print Cartridge Problem' error message appear after the installation?

A 'Print Cartridge Problem' error message appears when the cartridge is not installed properly inside the Officejet 6110. Remove the cartridge and reinstall it correctly.

How do I cancel my order?

If your order has not yet shipped, we can still cancel the order. Please contact us via call at 1-972-200-3813 or send us an email at

When is the best time to use a photo ink cartridge?

A photo ink cartridge is used mainly in photo printing. So, make sure to install this cartridge into your printer if you print mostly color photos and images.