ESP 6150

ESP 6150

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Easily print, scan, copy, and fax from your home office with the Kodak ESP 6150. This features an intuitive control panel and 2.4 inches color display that provides quick and easy access to tasks you use the most. It offers 30 to 32 ppm print speeds and 26 to 27 cpm copy speeds in black and in color. Plus, it saves time and money, thanks to its automatic two-sided printing feature. More affordable replacement Kodak ESP 6150 ink cartridges are available here at Inkjets. With our Kodak 10XL (8237216) Compatible Black High-Yield Ink Cartridge and Kodak 10 (8946501) Compatible Color Ink Cartridge, you get to save up to 40% off the cost of OEMs. Shop for less here now!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replacing the ink cartridge on the Kodak ESP 6150 is simple. Here's how:

  1. Verify if your Kodak ESP 6150  is turned on.
  2. Raise the printer access door. The carriage will automatically move to the access position.
  3. Once the carriage is idle and silent, remove the used ink cartridge from the printhead.
  4. Take the replacement cartridge out of the protective box. Make sure to remove its protective cap.
  5. Put the cartridge in the printhead. Then, press down firmly on it until it latches into place.
  6. Close the printer access door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific slots for the color and black ink cartridges inside the Kodak ESP 6150?

Yes. The color ink cartridge must go to the slot on the left, while the black ink cartridge must go to the slot on the right.

How do I prevent the printhead from drying out during maintenance?

To prevent the printhead from drying out during maintenance, make sure to insert the ink cartridges into the printer immediately.

I'm getting the 8-Piece Combo Pack. What is the shelf life of your compatible Kodak ink cartridge?

The shelf life of our compatible Kodak ink cartridge is 18 to 24 months.