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Lexmark is a well-known provider of printers, especially for businesses. Lexmark printers are packed with features that make them perfect for office use, from large companies to small or home offices. Some of Lexmark's most popular inkjet printers are the All-in-one and X-Series families.

The Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 is praised for its high-quality text prints and excellent photo quality, reaching speeds of up to 33ppm (black) and 30 ppm (color). Additionally, it has a number of convenient features such as a large 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen. Reviewers have found the Pinnacle Pro901’s user interface to be particularly user-friendly, as well as its 150-page input capacity. The printer also has a one-touch duplex printing feature and an Eco Mode to help save paper and energy.

If you're looking for a way to save money on printing costs, using's compatible Lexmark 100XL ink cartridges is a great option. These cartridges are significantly cheaper than most other options on the market but still deliver sharp, vivid prints. They're also high-yield cartridges, which means that you can print up to twice as many pages with them as you could with standard-capacity ink cartridges.

Lexmark Printers

The Lexmark Prevail Pro705 is another top inkjet printer that offers many features, including print, scan, copy, and fax functions. It is a wireless all-in-one printer that delivers business-class performance with its automatic duplex printing, fast printing speeds of up to 33 pages per minute, and space-saving design.

The Lexmark Prevail Pro705 also uses the Lexmark 100 ink cartridge. To get more pages out of your printer while saving on printing expenses, try's compatible high-yield Lexmark 100XL premium quality replacement ink cartridges. They have the same physical dimensions as the standard Lexmark 100, but contain more ink and can print more pages.

The Prospect Pro205 wireless printer is a great choice for small businesses. It has many convenient features, such as a 2.4-inch touchscreen, an eco mode to save on power, and a business card scanning feature. Reviewers praised its excellent print quality, sheet feeder and duplex printing capabilities, and wealth of handy features.

If you're looking for a printer that uses a Lexmark printer ink cartridge, the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 is a good option. You can save on printing costs by using's alternative Lexmark 100XL ink cartridge. Our 4-piece or 10-piece combo packs include all colors, so you can save even more!


Lexmark’s laser printers are designed for use by businesses. They are packed with a wide range of features that can help your office run more efficiently, including professional-quality output, automatic duplex printing, energy-saving Eco Mode setting, and fast printing speeds.

The Lexmark C543dn printer is a great choice for users looking for a compact device that offers a variety of features. Automatic duplex printing helps save on paper, while Eco mode can help save on power. The C543dn also prints quickly, with speeds up to 20 pages per minute. The maximum resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi in black and color.

Save money on your printing costs by using's compatible Lexmark C540H2 printer toner cartridges. These cartridges deliver great black and color prints at a fraction of the price of most other options. You can save even more by buying the C540H2 combo pack instead of buying individual color toner cartridges separately.

If you're looking for a reliable printer for basic office printing, the Lexmark E260DN is a great option. This printer has a fast print speed of 35 pages per minute, and it produces high-quality monochrome prints. It's also compact, has integrated duplex printing and 1200 x 1200 dpi max resolution, making it a good choice for small spaces

In order to get the best value for your money, choose’s compatible Lexmark E260A11A toner cartridge replacements. Our version of the Lexmark E260A11A can print up to an estimated 3,500 pages and comes with huge discounts. If your office does a lot of high-volume printing, we recommend stocking up on cartridges because unopened ones can last up to 36 months.

The Lexmark E460DN is a great monochrome laser printer that is perfect for businesses. It prints quickly at up to 40 pages per minute, and the prints are of excellent quality. This printer also produces excellent monochrome prints. It also has some great features like automatic duplex printing and an LCD screen for easy navigation.

Save money on printing costs by using's compatible Lexmark E260A11A (standard yield), Lexmark E360H11A (high-yield), and Lexmark E460X11A (extra high yield) toner cartridges with your Lexmark E460DN printer. These toner cartridges can deliver 3,500 pages, 9,000 pages, and 15,000 pages respectively, and are available at very low prices.


  • Use aftermarket toner cartridges - At, we carry high-quality aftermarket Lexmark toner cartridges that provide amazing print quality and page yield at a fraction of the price. Use one of our extra high-yield cartridges to get the best value for your money—these cartridges can print twice the number of pages (or more!) that you would expect from a standard cartridge.
  • Preview your document before printing - to make sure you're not wasting paper and ink/toner. Trim any unnecessary material from the document to make printing more efficient.
  • Print in grayscale - When printing monochrome documents, using the grayscale setting can help conserve the color ink cartridge. This is because printing in black still uses some color ink or toner.
  • Reduce print resolution - When printing nonessential documents, reduce your printer resolution to 300 dpi. to save on toner. This will make your prints look less sharp, but it will speed up the process.
  • Print in draft mode - Select the "draft" printing setting to use less toner whenever you need to print disposable documents.


  1. Know your toner cartridge’s shelf life - Make sure you know how long your toner cartridge will last - our cartridges have a shelf life of between 18 and 36 months. Check the product specifications to be sure.
  2. Keep your toner cartridge in its original packaging - If you're not going to use your toner cartridge yet, be sure to keep it in its original packaging.'s toner cartridges are packaged carefully to ensure premium quality.
  3. Keep it in a cool, dark, dry place - Store your Lexmark cartridges in a cool, dark place to avoid toner cartridge problems. Heat and air exposure can ruin cartridges, so keep them in a place where they won't be affected.
  4. Keep using your printer - If you have already installed your printer's toner cartridge, it's important to keep the cartridge in excellent condition by using your printer at least once a week. This will help the cartridge last longer and provide you with high-quality prints.


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