Interpret S405

Interpret S405

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Buy our compatible Lexmark Interpret S405 ink cartridges and get superior print quality and performance at an affordable price. We ship for free if your order is over $30.

Say goodbye to cables and wires with the Lexmark Interpret S405. This Lexmark model boasts Wi-Fi connectivity that has more coverage than most of its competitors. It can also handle large printing thanks to its reliable 35-page automatic document feeder. Furthermore, printing speeds for black and white can reach up to 33 pages per minute.

Compatible ink for Lexmark Interpret S405

The Lexmark Interpret S405 uses Lexmark 100 ink cartridges.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Instruction to install a compatible Lexmark Interpret S405 ink cartridge:

  1. During ink replacement, you should have your Lexmark All-in-One Interpret S405 turned on. Skip this step if you already have it in operation.
  2. Carefully raise your printer's scanner unit. Once it is opened, its printhead will automatically move to the a more accessible position. Wait for it top stop.
  3. The empty cartridge can be removed by pressing its release tab. Then, grabbing it upwards.
  4. Remove the new ink tank from its wrapper. You should also remove the protective cap before installation.
  5. When your new cartridge is ready for installation, you can now put it into the slot.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 when you need to replace the other cartridges too.
  7. Lower the scanner unit until it is closed.