The best Brother printers for 2023

With this article, you can get the best Brother printer for any budget

Brother printers, while not as well-known as Canon, HP, or Epson,

are one of the most dependable major printer brands

in the industry, offering consistent, high-quality

prints at a moderate cost.


We discuss the best Brother printers of 2023 in this guide,

including two Brother Inkvestment printers and two top-rated

laser printers (one prints only black and the other produces color),

to ensure that all of your printing needs are met.

Photo of black Brother printerPhoto of black Brother printer


Brother MFC-J4335 is the best of the best

The Brother MFC-J4335 is our top pick because it is inexpensive

and prints a large number of pages.


The MFC-J4335, which is part of Brother's Inkvestment ink tank

printer range, prints with a refillable ink tank system

rather than a normal ink cartridge.

You're not alone if you've never heard of an ink tank printer;

they've only recently become publicly available.

Certain ink tank printers, such as the Epson EcoTank series,

use an ink bottle to transfer ink to the tank,

much to how you would fill up your car with gas.

Brother chose a hybrid approach with the Inkvestment range,

combining the cost-saving advantages of an ink tank printer

with the familiar operation and cartridge management

of an everyday inkjet printer.

Rather than using an ink bottle to fill the tank, the Brother MFC-J4335

uses cartridges to deliver ink to the tank.

After a cartridge is attached, it is programmed to automatically

refill the tank when the ink is low, allowing you to continue printing

without pausing to refill.

The MFC-J4335 is ideal for any home office, with print rates of up to 20 ppm

in black and 19 ppm in color and ultra-low running expenses.

This printer is one of the most ink efficient printing options available,

with the high yield LC406XL black ink tank cartridge printing up to

6,000 pages and each color cartridge printing up to 5,000,

making it one of the most ink efficient printing options available,

allowing you to print for longer periods of time

and replace cartridges less frequently. 

Copying and scanning are included as standard, and wireless connectivity options

allow you to print immediately from your smartphone.

The page gauge function on the printer display screen alerts you when your ink

is low, and a 20-sheet automatic document feeder allows you to print constantly

without having to manually change the paper.


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Brother MFC-L3750CDW is the best color laser printer

Homeowners and small companies who print frequently

will appreciate the Brother MFC-L3750CDW, a fast, efficient

all-in-one that produces high-quality results in dazzling

color page after page.


Economical printing features, such as a 50-sheet automated document feeder,

keep your workplace operating smoothly, and built-in Wi-Fi, ethernet,

or local networking options allow you to connect

from anywhere.

Toner cartridges are also reasonably priced, with the high yield black TN227 cartridge

printing up to 3,000 pages and coloured cartridges printing up to 2,300 pages apiece.

Photo printing is not ideal with this printer, but it is possible.


Toner cartridges cannot create the same brilliant colors as ink cartridges

because they print using a plasticy toner powder rather than ink.

If you need high-quality photographs, the Inkvestment printers

discussed in this article are a superior choice.

You can also compound your savings by buying

remanufactured or compatible toners or ink cartridges



Brother MFCJ1205W is the best budget printer

The Brother MFCJ1205W is the most affordable Inkvestment printer to date,

making it an excellent choice for home customers searching for a no-frills

color ink tank machine.


All of your standard printing functions, such as copying and scanning, are available,

and the Brother Mobile Connect app has a helpful page gauge function that tracks

real-time ink levels.

The printer comes with a 150-sheet tray that can hold nearly half a ream of paper

and supports a variety of paper sizes.


Wireless connectivity options enable you to print from virtually any location

using your smartphone or tablet.


The cartridges aren't as generous as the series that comes with the MFC-J4335,

but they still save money and are more efficient than any regular

inkjet printer.


Brother MFC-L2750DW - Is the Best Black and White Laser Printer 

A dependable monochrome laser printer is ideal for organizations

that just need to print in black and white.


The MFC-L2750DW has a high page yield and low operating cost,

as well as versatile scan, copy, and fax functions.

The printer's print speed of 36 pages per minute is one of the quickest

in its class, capable of producing clear, bold text.

A single pass two-sided scanner saves time, and an optional toner save mode

allows you to spend less toner on non-essential printing.

A new printer comes with a starting cartridge that can print up to 700 pages

and a DR-730 drum unit.


When it comes time to replace the toner in this printer, Brother offers two options:

a regular yield TN-730 black toner cartridge that prints 1,200 pages

and a high yield TN-760 toner cartridge that prints 3,000 pages.

Printer owners will also need to replace the drum

after 3-4 toner cartridges have been used.


How to Save Money on Printing

While creative new printers such as the Brother Inkvestment series

are a step in the right direction, running a printer can still be costly.

If you want to print more cheaply, purchase compatible (non-Brother)

printer cartridges from reputable companies like


Can I use aftermarket toner and ink cartridges

in my Brother printer?

Yeah, without a doubt. Third-party toner replacements for Brother laser printers

have been demonstrated to perform and last just as long as authentic

Brother equipment while costing much less.


Compatible toner refills will not violate the warranty on your Brother printer.

Just make sure to do your homework before purchasing

a suitable Brother toner cartridge.

Several of the brands available on Amazon have a far greater defect rate than others,

not to mention no product support. offers compatible toner products

with guaranteed quality and support.

For over 20 years, InkJets has provided consumers with low-cost compatible replacements

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