Best tank printer for 2023

Due to their inexpensive price and large ink capacity, ink tank printers, sometimes known as "supertank" printers, have gained popularity among consumers.

Instead of disposable cartridges, these printers utilize refillable ink reservoirs supplied with bottled ink. This decreases printer downtime and saves money on consumables because there is more ink available.

MegaTank, EcoTank, and Smart Tank are the ink tank printers offered by HP, Canon, and Epson, respectively. These refillable solutions are convenient, offer comparable cost reductions, and eliminate plastic waste.

Our collection covers a variety of monochrome and color ink tank printers for personal and business use, available in a range of sizes and prices.

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Best tank printer of 2023

Check out our list of best ink tank printers for 2023


1. Canon PIXMA G4210 Megatank

photo of Canon PIXMA G4210

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The Canon PIXMA G4210 Megatank is not just another wireless all-in-one printer; it's designed with ink tanks

rather than the traditional cartridges, making it super cost-effective for those heavy-duty printing tasks.

Whether you're in a home setting or at the office, its multifunctional design allows for printing, copying, scanning, and even faxing.


Here's what sets the Canon PIXMA G4210 Megatank apart:


Stellar Printing Quality: Whether it's textual content or vibrant photos, the G4210 doesn’t compromise on quality.

Incredibly Economical: Thanks to its ink tanks, you can churn out several hundred pages before needing a refill, giving a real bang

for your buck compared to many inkjet counterparts.

Swift Printing: It boasts speeds of up to 8.8 pages per minute for black and white and 5 pages per minute for color, impressive for its price bracket.

No Strings Attached: Wireless functionality means you can send print jobs from your devices without being tethered by wires.

Smart Paper Handling: Save more with its automatic two-sided printing feature.


So, if you're looking for an all-rounder for your printing needs, the Canon PIXMA G4210 Megatank is certainly a strong contender.

Here’s a quick snapshot of its advantages and a few drawbacks:



1. Crystal-clear printing quality
2. Significant savings on cost per page
3. Rapid printing speeds
4. Wireless convenience.
5. Double-sided printing capability
6. Generous ink capacity.
7. Attractive price point.



1. It’s a bit on the larger side and might take up space.
2. Tends to be a tad noisy during operation.
3. Its monochrome LCD isn't as intuitive as a colored one.
4. Some users have faced occasional paper jam issues.


In essence, the Canon PIXMA G4210 Megatank offers remarkable value. With a host of features and commendable performance, it’s priced just right for what it brings to the table.



2. Epson Eco Tank ET-M2170

Photo of Epson EcoTank ET-M2170

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The Epson EcoTank ET-M2170 stands out as a monochrome all-in-one printer, ditching traditional cartridges for more economical ink tanks. If you're someone who prints frequently, this machine can be a real cost-saver.

Whether for personal or professional use, its multifunctional features, including printing, copying, and scanning, make it a versatile choice.


Here's a closer look at what the Epson EcoTank ET-M2170 has to offer:


Unbeatable Value per Print: With two black ink bottles included, you can print a staggering 6,000 pages, drastically reducing your cost per page when compared to other inkjet printers.

Lightning Fast: Churning out 20 black and white pages per minute, its performance speed surpasses many in its class.

Crystal Clear Outputs: Whether textual or graphical, this printer delivers high quality.

Cut the Cords: Its wireless capability lets you print from devices without the hassle of cables.

Eco-friendly & Cost-saving: Its auto-two-sided printing ensures less paper waste.

Space-saving Design: The compact build ensures it won’t dominate your workspace.

For anyone considering a monochrome printer for either home or office, the Epson EcoTank ET-M2170 surely makes a strong impression.

Here’s a brief summary of its strengths and potential areas of improvement:



1. Unparalleled cost efficiency per page
2. Speedy printing action
3. Outstanding print clarity
4. Hassle-free wireless connection
5. Efficient two-sided printing
6. Sleek, space-saving structure
7. A competitive price point



1. Limited to black and white prints
2. Absence of an automatic document feeder
3. The monochrome LCD could be more user-friendly with color


In summary, the Epson EcoTank ET-M2170 strikes a harmonious balance between quality, functionality, and affordability. Its features and exceptional performance make it an excellent value for its price.



3. HP Deskjet 450

Photo of HP Deskjet 450 printer

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The HP Deskjet 450, launched in 2003, stands out as a portable inkjet printer. Though no longer being manufactured, there's still a chance of stumbling upon a pre-owned model up for grabs.

What's intriguing about the Deskjet 450 is its compact and lightweight structure, making it a breeze to transport. You can expect it to deliver up to 9 pages per minute in monochrome and about 8 pages in vibrant color. While the print output is decent, there are certainly inkjets out there with superior quality.


Diving deeper into the features that spotlight the Deskjet 450 for on-the-go printing:

Wireless Prowess: With both infrared and Bluetooth capabilities, it can seamlessly print from a range of gadgets, including laptops, PDAs, and even digital cameras.

Battery Advantage: Its rechargeable battery ensures that you're not tethered to a power outlet, offering genuine mobility.

Travel-friendly Design: Its petite and light design makes it your go-to companion for printing tasks while on the move.


However, like all things, it comes with its own set of challenges:

Leisurely Pace: When compared to its contemporaries, the Deskjet 450 lags slightly in print speed.

Pinching the Pocket: The printer's ink cartridges come with a slightly hefty tag, elevating the cost per page.

Sourcing Woes: Given that it's no longer in production, scouting for replacement cartridges or other parts might be a tad challenging.


To sum it up, the HP Deskjet 450 makes a compelling case for those in need of a truly mobile printer with wireless capabilities. Yet, it's wise to weigh the benefits against its slower speeds and potential cost implications before considering it as your printing partner.