Join the Inkjets Affiliate Program

Inkjets Affiliate Program

Embark on a Lucrative Journey with InkJet’s Affiliate Program

Delve into the world of affiliate marketing with the InkJets Affiliate Program, a meticulously designed opportunity that allows you to monetize your digital space. 

Imagine transforming your website's traffic into a revenue stream simply by integrating a sleek InkJets banner or a cleverly crafted text link into your content. When your audience is inspired to click through and indulge in a purchase from InkJets’ expansive online store, you reap the benefits in the form of a commission—a percentage of the total sale is your reward for fostering the connection.

Why Choose InkJets’ Affiliate Program?

Our program isn't just about earning; it's about partnering with a brand that resonates with excellence and reliability. With InkJets, you leverage:

Renowned Brand Prestige: Align your site with a brand that customers recognize and trust.

Extended 45-Day Cookie Duration: Benefit from a generous window where returning customers contribute to your earnings long after their first visit.

Exclusive Datafeeds: Access a rich reservoir of product information to fine-tune your marketing strategies.

Tailored Promotional Materials: Utilize custom coupons and landing pages designed to enhance conversion rates.

Dedicated Support Team: Our affiliate experts are committed to your growth and are on hand to assist you.

Assured Customer Satisfaction: Partner with a brand that guarantees a top-tier shopping experience for your referrals.

Zero Cost, Effortless Start-Up: Joining is straightforward, without any associated fees.

Setting Sail with InkJets’ Affiliate Program


Embarking on this partnership is seamless, thanks to our collaboration with Commission Junction. Upon joining, you will be equipped with an assortment of promotional tools—banners, product links, and text creatives—curated to resonate with your audience and optimize your site's earning potential. 

You retain the power to select what aligns best with your platform and your audience's preferences. Furthermore, with Commission Junction's exemplary support, you gain real-time insights with daily reporting tools, enabling you to track and refine your strategies for maximum success.


Taking the First Step

The initiation of your affiliate journey with InkJets is a click away. Begin by acquainting yourself with the terms and conditions of our program to ensure a harmonious partnership. Should queries or concerns arise, our dedicated team is readily available at support@inkjets.com to guide you through any uncertainties.

We earnestly anticipate your partnership and are excited to see our collaborative success unfold. With InkJets, step into a venture where your entrepreneurial spirit thrives alongside a brand that champions quality and satisfaction.