Exploring Canon's High-Yield Ink Cartridges: Benefits and Cost Savings

Canon's high-yield ink cartridges, often designated with "XL" or "XXL" on the label, are designed to hold more ink and print more pages than standard yield cartridges.


What Is A High Yield Ink Cartridge, Anyway?

High-yield ink cartridges are pretty much what they sound like: ink cartridges that hold more ink than usual. Imagine you have two water bottles. One is larger than the other. The larger bottle, naturally, can hold more water and will last longer if you're sipping from it throughout the day. Similarly, a high-yield ink cartridge, with its extra ink, allows you to print more pages before it runs out.

For folks who print only once in a while, a standard cartridge might be enough. But for those who are always printing, like students working on projects or someone managing a home business, replacing cartridges frequently can be a bother. That's where high-yield cartridges come in handy. Even though they might cost a bit more at the start, in the long run, they can save money because you're changing them less often.

It's a bit like buying in bulk at a store. The more you buy at once, the cheaper each item becomes. With high-yield cartridges, the price per page often drops. So, if you're someone who's always hearing the beep of a low-ink warning, or if you've got a big print job on the horizon, going for a high-yield cartridge could be a wise move. Just a heads-up, though: always double-check if your printer model can handle these beefed-up cartridges. To wrap up, if you're looking for longer-lasting ink solutions, high-yield cartridges might be your best bet. They’re designed for people who need more mileage from their printers.


Here are some benefits and potential cost savings of using high-yield cartridges:



1. Higher Page Yield: High-yield cartridges contain more ink, allowing them to print significantly more pages

compared to standard cartridges.

This can be very beneficial if you print regularly or in large quantities.

2. Better Cost-per-Page Ratio: Although high-yield cartridges cost more upfront than standard cartridges,

the cost per page is often lower.

This is because the cost of the cartridge is spread out over a larger number of pages.

3. Convenience: With high-yield cartridges, you won't have to replace your ink as frequently.

This can save time and is particularly convenient for busy environments or for people

who print large quantities.

4. Less Waste: Using high-yield cartridges results in less plastic waste, as fewer cartridges

are used and discarded over time.

Photo of a box of high yield printer ink cartridge from InkJets.comPhoto of a box of high yield printer ink cartridge from InkJets.com

Cost Savings

The potential cost savings from using high-yield cartridges depend on your printing habits.

If you print infrequently, the cost savings may be minimal.

However, for frequent printing, the cost savings can be substantial over time.


For example, if a standard cartridge costs $20 and prints 200 pages, the cost per page

would be $0.10.

If a high-yield cartridge costs $35 but prints 500 pages, the cost per page would be $0.07.

Over the course of 1000 pages, you would spend $100 on standard cartridges but only $70

on high-yield cartridges, resulting in a $30 savings.

However, it's important to note that actual savings will depend on the specific costs and

page yields of the cartridges, as well as your printing habits.

High-yield cartridges may not be cost-effective if you print infrequently, as some ink may

dry up and be wasted.


Additionally, it's worth noting that the page yields provided by Canon (or any printer manufacturer)

are based on specific test conditions, and actual yields can vary depending on what you're printing

and your printer settings.