top mistakes when buying printer ink cartridges

Article last updated March 7, 2023

People don't usually think twice about buying printer ink, but there are a few common buying mistakes that are easy to make if you're not careful! We cover all of the common pitfalls to avoid so that you can purchase the best cartridge for your printing needs.

Purchasing standard yield printer ink cartridges

The majority of cartridges are available in either standard yield or high yield cartridge sizes. Because the standard yield is the less expensive of the two options, many printer users believe they are making a better decision by selecting it over the high yield. On the surface, the lower price appears to be a good choice, but in most cases, the high yield cartridge is the better deal in the long run because it prints more pages at a lower operating cost.

As an example, consider the HP 63 black ink cartridge. The HP 63 standard yield printer prints 190 pages and costs $22.99 from the brand's website, while the HP 63XL high yield from prints 480 pages per cartridge and costs $41.95 for TWO ink cartridges. You pay nearly twice as much for the high yield cartridge, but you get 4 times as much ink. If you bought two standard yield cartridges instead of one high yield cartridge, you would pay roughly the same price and receive less ink.

Standard yield cartridges are fine if you don't print frequently and don't want to invest a lot in your printer, but high yield cartridges are the way to go for frequent printer users. Some printers even offer extra high yield or XXL cartridges to help you save even more money. Check the manual for your printer to see if they are available.

Purchasing the incorrect cartridge (It's very simple!)

close up of ink cartridges

Many printer cartridges resemble one another. For example, the HP 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, and 65 cartridges are all variations of the same exact cartridge, but they are not interchangeable because they belong to different cartridge series.

We get a lot of customers who try to use an HP 61 cartridge in a printer that requires an HP 62, and vice versa. Canon's PGI-270 and PGI-280 cartridges, Brother's TN660 and TN760 series, and many others are in the same boat. They should work in your printer if they look the same, right? Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

Printer manufacturers frequently use the same cartridge design for dozens of their printers because it is far more cost effective than designing a unique cartridge for each printer series. Rather than using a new cartridge, cartridges are outfitted with a one-of-a-kind contact chip that only works with a specific set of printers.

We recommend consulting your printer's user guide, which can be found on the manufacturer's website, to ensure you have the correct cartridge. If you already have a set of cartridges installed, simply open your printer to double-check the part number.

Your printer makes use of tri-color cartridges.

closeup of tri color ink cartridge

If you purchased a low-cost printer, it is likely that it uses a tri-color cartridge to handle color prints.

A tri-color cartridge contains all three colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow) in one cartridge and is useful for some printer users because they only require one color cartridge. When one of the colors in a tri-color cartridge runs out, you must replace the entire cartridge rather than just that color.

These replacement costs can quickly add up, so it's often worth paying a little more for a printer that uses individual color ink cartridges, allowing you to replace each color as needed. Individual color cartridges typically contain more ink than tri-color cartridges, so they will last longer.

Paying too much for printer ink cartridges

wallet on top of ink cartridge

Cartridges are notoriously expensive. Buying high yield instead of standard yield can save you money in the long run if you print frequently, but it's not the only way to save!

Low cost compatible cartridges from can save you a lot of money by providing the same number of prints and amazing print quality for a fraction of the price of the name brand.

Buy quality ink cartridges without breaking the bank!

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