Everything you have to know about wireless printers

Article last updated March 8, 2023

First, let us understand how a wireless printer works

The quicker technology evolves, the easier it is to let go of how inconvenient things were in the past. The people who purchase the latest mobile phones might get frustrated that their current wired headphones do not work with the new mobile phone model without them needing to use big adapters, but soon the day will come when only a few people will look back and think at one time, headphones even needed a cord at all.

Printers have also evolved rather quickly from the slow, frustrating and often loud device that they were. These days, almost all printers have the ability to produce prints in color or monochrome. These devices can even work as an all-in-one printer, and function as a scanner, a fax machine, and a copier. Certain printer models these days even have the ability to connect to the internet.

Printers are still an important part of most offices and businesses, but they’ve always had one limitation: a messy tangle of cords. Read this guide to learn how wireless printers work and, with new models of wireless printers emerging, why cords are becoming a thing of the past.

How does a wireless printer work?

wireless printers

More and more these days, technology is allowing people to do away from using any physical connections, which means users get more flexibility. Everything from a smartwatch to headphones and laptop computers, is using wireless connections. Receiving and sending messages is the main function of this technology.

Printers—pretty much like computers or headphones —need signals from exterior devices to send it a message. The message tells the printer how to print a photo, graphic, or document, and this is the core of how a wireless printer works. In the past, this process needed wires and cords; these days, it can be accomplished wirelessly. Like many other devices, a printer can do this using either Bluetooth or a WiFi network.

WiFi network connectivity is one of the most common types of technology that enables wireless printing. Pretty much like how a mobile phone or a laptop can connect to the internet with the help of a router, wireless printers are able to connect to that router too. This technology provides fast connection and is quite user friendly. Certain printer models can even receive and send emails, again through WiFi connectivity.

Another common way for sending a file to wireless printers is through Bluetooth. Invented by Ericsson telecommunications, Bluetooth utilizes special radio waves to be able to transmit data. Unlike WiFi printers, Bluetooth printers are able to connect directly to laptops or mobile phones. Bluetooth is becoming increasingly more popular in other devices such as smartwatches and headphones.

Given the popularity of mobile phones and tablets, needing to have a physical connection between these and printers is becoming increasingly obsolete. The way wireless printers work these days is much more aligned with modern technology.

Benefits of wireless connectivity

wireless connectivity

One of the biggest benefits of wireless connectivity is that it enables more devices to connect to your printer. Because of wireless technology, mobile phones, laptops, desktop PCs, tablets, and other devices can connect to a printer. Just think about having to plug an ethernet cable into a mobile phone!

One other benefit of wireless connectivity is that it enables devices to be more mobile because they are not tied down with cumbersome wires and cords. The routers and wires needed to connect several devices to older generation printers added to office clutter and set how businesses must arrange their offices in the first place. By going wireless, a business could save a lot of space, time, and money.

Another big reason why going wireless is beneficial is that it resolves the issue of dated wireless and cord systems. In the past, people who liked to upgrade their corded devices need to check if their new device can connect to their old printer. On the other hand, using wireless connectivity, connecting to printers is easy with any device format, brand, or operating system.

Setting a budget for a wireless printer

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Keeping up with evolving technology may seem overwhelming, however certain investments are wiser than some. Betting on untested technology for example, is a risky move, especially for people who are not familiar with how wireless printers work. Fortunately, the technology that enables wireless printing has been thoroughly tested, proven efficient, and will mostly be in use for many years, which makes wireless printers wise investments.

A lot of printers are now providing wireless features as either a standard, or as an upgrade. For anyone thinking whether or not going wireless is ideal, it is important to remember that what is an investment is going to be the standard in the future. Choosing to do the upgrade will make print jobs easier and can help your printer last for a longer time.

Who should invest in a wireless printer?

who should buy wireless printers

Within a few years, it is likely that cables and wires will be entirely obsolete. This is the reason, anyone who is thinking about purchasing a printer in the near future should consider going with the wireless option.

Because wireless technology only affects how a wireless printer works in regards to receiving and sending messages, you could still choose from many types of printers that are currently available, like laser jet and inkjet printers.

Depending on the make and model of printer you need, you might have to set a bit of extra budget for wireless connectivity features. Unless the computer you connect to your printer is so old that it cannot support wireless connectivity, choosing to go wireless is a very good investment choice.

Wrapping it up

When you have a printer, purchasing ink will be an important part of printer maintenance. So switch from your current ink supplier to the most reliable sources. You will need a supplier that can offer toner and ink cartridges for various brands at affordable prices, so your printer will always function at optimal levels, while saving you money.

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