FaxPhone L170

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The Canon FAXPHONE L170 is a monochrome laser printer, copier, and fax machine all in one. It can print at a max speed of 19 pages per minute at a resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi. Compact and multifunctional, this machine is perfect for home or small office use. Wherever you plan on using it, supply your printer with Inkjets.com.

Whether you use our Canon FX-8 Remanufactured Black Toner Cartridge or our Canon S35 (7833A001AA) Compatible Black Toner Cartridge, we'll deliver high-quality toner at a great price. We guarantee solid, smudge-free prints each and every time. Browse our online store and see how much you can save with us.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Remove any documents and/or printed pages from the machine.
  2. Make sure the machine is plugged in.
  3. Open the printer cover.
  4. Carefully remove the used cartridge from the machine. Recycle appropriately.
  5. Remove the new cartridge from the bag. Keep the bag in a safe space for future use.
  6. Gently rock the cartridge several times to evenly distribute the toner inside.
  7. Hold the cartridge on a flat stable surface with one hand, and break the tab and pull out the seal completely with the other hand.
  8. Hold the cartridge and position the arrow mark on the cartridge towards the inside of the machine.
  9. Align the projection on both sides of the cartridge to the guides in the machine and slide the cartridge completely into the machine.
  10. Close the printer cover.

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Will using generic printer supplies void my printer warranty?

We guarantee that our products will not void the warranty of your printer. We suggest that you carefully install our items when you purchase from us to avoid damaging your printer.