LaserJet 3020

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A monochrome printer, scanner, and copier in one, the HP LaserJet 3020 ticks all the boxes for a straightforward partner in productivity for home offices and small workgroups. It can print and copy with speeds of up to 14 pages per minute and it boasts of print resolutions up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, ensuring professional-looking results each time.  Replacement toner cartridges for the HP LaserJet 3020 include compatible HP 12A (Q2612A) jumbo black, HP 12A (Q2612A) black, and HP 12X (Q2612X) high-yield black toner cartridges. Enjoy more than 45% off in discounts when you get these replacement toner cartridges. All orders and up get free shipping. Shop replacement toner cartridges today!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

To replace a toner cartridge for the HP LaserJet 3020, simply follow these steps:

  1. Lift the scanner assembly.
  2. Press the release button toward the right side of the machine to open the print cartridge door.
  3. Remove the old toner cartridge by pulling it out of the machine.
  4. Remove the new toner cartridge from its packaging.
  5. Shake the new toner cartridge about five to six times o distribute toner inside evenly.
  6. Remove the sealing tape on the new toner cartridge.
  7. Hold the new toner cartridge by the handle and insert it into the machine.
  8. Close the print cartridge door.
  9. Lower the scanner assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there precautions to handling toner cartridges?

To prevent from damaging the toner cartridges, hold them at each end securely. Additionally, do not touch the roller surface or cartridge shutter to avoid issues with print quality.

Do you have guarantees in place?

Our compatible HP 12A (Q2612A) jumbo black, HP 12A (Q2612A) black, and HP 12X (Q2612X) high-yield black toner cartridges are guaranteed to meet specifications for the HP LaserJet 3020 and won't void the printer's warranty. Additionally, all purchases come with 100% money-back guarantees valid for a year.

How do I store replacement toner cartridges?

Replacement toner cartridges will stay in good condition for at least 18 months when kept sealed in their packages and stored in a cool, dry place away from direct light and high heat.