LaserJet Ultra MFP M230FDW

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The HP LaserJet Ultra MFP M230fdw offers high-speed printing, copying and scanning to better handle your tasks. Its superior performance makes it a perfect addition to your office. But this device will need a high-quality replacement drum unit to keep up with your needs. This is where comes in, your trusted source. We offer the HP 32A (CF232A) Compatible Drum Unit, which offers safe and reliable performance and assists in creating the highest quality print output when used with our select toner cartridges. In fact, it can work through up to 20,000 pages before requiring another replacement. And the best thing? Investing in this option won't make a huge dent on your budget. Shop with us today and get up to 40% off, plus free shipping.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replacing the drum unit in your HP LaserJet Ultra MFP M230fdw printer will take only a few, short minutes. Here's how you do it:

  1. Lift open the scanning unit, then open the print cartridge door.
  2. Grasp the toner cartridge and temporarily remove it from the printer.
  3. Take the used drum unit carefully out of the device.
  4. Remove the new drum unit from its box and packaging. Be careful when handling the new drum unit—touch only the ends because contact with the body may cause print-quality errors.
  5. Align the new drum unit with the tracks inside the printer, then insert it until firmly seated.
  6. Install the toner cartridge back inside the printer until it's secure.
  7. Close the print cartridge door, then lower the scanning unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are compatible drum units safe to use with my printer?

Absolutely!  The HP 32A (CF232A) Compatible Drum Unit offered by has met industry standards. It looks and works the same way as its OEM version, making it safe to use with your HP LaserJet Ultra MFP M230fdw printer. Our option won't void the device's warranties, as well.

Why are's compatible drum units the better choice?

Our compatible drum units deliver exceptional performance and print results but come with an affordable price. Plus, they are covered by's exclusive 1-year warranty and money-back guarantee, and free returns.

Any details about shipping?

We offer fast, worry-free delivery and same-day shipping for orders placed before 3pm Pacific Time, barring Fridays, weekends and holidays.