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The Samsung CLP-365W allows you to print from anywhere inside your home or office. It features a one-touch WPS button that easily connects this device to your Wi-Fi network; plus, Samsung’s Mobile Print App enables you to print directly from your mobile device including your iPad and iPhone. It is very easy to set up and use, and it is compact, making it a perfect addition to any home or office. If you already got one, you can save more on printing costs with Inkjets’ affordable compatible Samsung toner cartridges. Our Samsung CLT-K406S Compatible Black Toner Cartridge, for one, costs up to 70% off its OEM counterpart but works just as good or your money back. Check out our listing below for amazingly low deals.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here’s how to replace the toner cartridge on the Samsung CLP-365W:


  1. Press the cover release button to open the front door.
  2. Press the tab on each side of the empty toner cartridge to release it. Then, pull it straight out of the printer.
  3.  Remove the new toner cartridge from the package and gently rock it to distribute the toner inside evenly.
  4. Remove the orange shipping lock from the cartridge. Then, insert the cartridge into the printer.
  5. Slide the new cartridge in until it locks into place.
  6. Close the front door.


Frequently Asked Questions


I just installed new toner cartridges, but I got a blank page when I tried printing with my Samsung CLP-365W. What could be the problem?

If you got a blank page even with new cartridges installed, it could mean one of three things: the sealing tapes are still intact, the cartridges are damaged, or the toner inside the cartridge is not distributed properly.


How can my order qualify for free shipping?

To qualify for free shipping, your order subtotal must be $30 or above and must be shipped to any of the 48 contiguous states.


If I get the 4-Piece Combo Pack, up to how long can I keep the unused toner cartridge in storage?

Our remanufactured Samsung toner cartridges can last for 24 to 36 months when stored properly. Make sure to keep them sealed in their original packaging and store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.