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The Samsung CLX-3185n comes with max printing speeds of up to 16 monochrome pages, or up to 4 color pages per minute—with the first print out in just under 14 seconds. You also get to create premium-quality output with its 2400x600 dpi color resolution. As for replacement toner cartridges, you only need to turn to for the best options. Check out our Samsung CLT-407S Compatible Toner Cartridge 4-Piece Combo Pack, which includes a cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridge that can print 1000 pages each, and a black cartridge that can produce 1500. These options also ensure that every printed document is brilliant and super-sharp—all while remaining within your budget. Order this combo pack today and enjoy up to 44% off, plus free shipping on orders above .

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Make toner cartridge replacement for your Samsung CLX-3185n device a simpler process by following this quick guide:

  1. Turn the device off and wait a few minutes for its internal parts to cool down.
  2. Pull open the front door using the handle.
  3. Take the used toner cartridge by the handle and pull it out of the printer toward you.
  4. Remove the new toner cartridge from its packaging material.
  5. Install the new toner cartridge into the empty slot, pushing on it until it is firmly seated inside.
  6. Close the front door, ensuring that it is completely closed.
  7. Turn the device on, and that's it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I extend the life of my unopened toner cartridges?

If you're stocking up on our Samsung CLT-407S Compatible Toner Cartridge 4-Piece Combo Pack, then make sure to store the cartridges properly. Keep them somewhere clean, dark, and dry. Toner is sensitive to fluctuating temperatures, so a space that's climate-controlled is also ideal. With proper storage, you'll have no problem making your cartridges last longer.

When can I get my Samsung CLT-407S Compatible Toner Cartridge 4-Piece Combo Pack?

You won't be waiting long at all. With our fast, stress-free delivery and same-day shipping, you'll have your compatible toner cartridges installed in your Samsung CLX-3185n printer in no time.

Why should I get my replacement toner cartridges from

Aside from complete access to our exceptional but cost-effective toner cartridges, you'll also benefit from the exclusive 1-year warranty coverage and 100% satisfaction guarantee included with them.