Free Printable Dinosaurs Activity Book

The last of the dinosaurs may have died out 65 million years ago but they continue to fascinate us and captivate our imagination. They roamed the earth unchallenged for almost 170 million years. In comparison, modern humans have been around the planet for only about 200,000 years. Still, we have so much to learn about these gigantic reptiles. Every year, scientists are learning more and more about dinosaurs as they discover and investigate new dinosaur fossils.


Kids are especially devoted to dinosaurs–those big, scary, and prehistoric lizards. In fact, most kids probably go through a “dinosaur phase”. That’s the period when they are practically obsessed with dinos. They love to memorize and recite facts about the diplodocus or reenact battle scenes between the tyrannosaurus rex and the triceratops. Some kids don’t outgrow the dinosaur phase and even become paleontologists and archaeologists!


The dinosaur fan in your home or school will surely love this new printable. This activity book offers fun dinosaur-themed coloring pages that children will not only enjoy but also learn from. In fact, coloring pages are excellent tools that help kids develop creativity, fine motor skills, self-expression, focus, and color recognition.


Kids will definitely love coloring our dinosaurs activity book complete with interesting facts about each species. The printable also contains simple activities that all kids will enjoy. All Printable Learning educational materials are available to download for free!


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