Why is my printer toner not working?

Toner cartridges last longer than ink cartridges,

but they also cost more.


If you need to buy new toner cartridges, look for high-quality ones

that give you the most value for your money.


It doesn't have to be hard to switch from an old toner cartridge

to a new one.


The process can be frustrating when things go wrong, like when a new toner

cartridge doesn't work.


This usually happens on busy days at the office.


You can fix these problems with the simple solutions

we've suggested.


In this article, we talk about the most common things

that can go wrong when replacing a toner cartridge

and why a new cartridge might not work.


We also give tips on how to fix these problems.


We found several reasons why new toner cartridges wouldn't work.

The following common problems can cause the printer

to reject the replacement, send an error message,

and stop working.

Close up photo of printer toner cartridges


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Common reasons why your toner cartridge

isn’t working properly:


The printer doesn't work with the toner you put in

Most of the time, non-OEM toner cartridges are to blame

when a new toner doesn't work.


Different companies make toner cartridges that are compatible

with different printers.


But most of the time, the printer may not be able to tell

that the compatible toner replacement is being used.


OEM cartridges can also only be used in certain printers.

If you put in a different OEM toner than what was recommended,

your printer wouldn't know what to do with it.


The printer can't detect the toner cartridge

Another reason a new toner cartridge might not work

is if your printer doesn't notice it after you put it in.


A common cause of this problem is that

the toner wasn't put in the drum unit right. 

Check the printer's manual for instructions

on how to install or reinstall the cartridge

until the printer finds the toner and is

ready to print.


After a replacement, there isn't enough ink or toner.

If your printer still sends or shows a "low toner" message after you've changed the cartridge,

it's because the old cartridge is still in its memory.


With just a simple reset, a printer can usually tell

when a new cartridge is installed

and show how much ink is in it.



How to reset your Brother printer toner

When a new toner cartridge doesn't work,

the easiest thing to do is reset the Brother printer toner.


Toner level panels show how much toner is still left in the cartridges.

When the ink is running low, the display will show the message

"Low Toner."


When a new toner is put into the machine,

the volume of the new toner is automatically

shown on the screen.


But there are times when the Low Toner warning stays on

even after a new cartridge is installed.


With a quick reset, a new cartridge that isn't working and a toner level

that isn't showing correctly can be fixed.


Here are the steps you need to take to reset the toner

on a Brother DCP Series, HL Series,

or MFC Series printer by hand.



I replaced my empty cartridge with a new one,

but it still doesn’t work!

When the toner cartridge is empty, most printers will stop printing.

The printer will show messages like

"Replace Toner" or "Toner Life End."


When a new cartridge is put in place of an empty toner cartridge,

the message goes away and the printer starts to print.


We recommend the following. If the printer keeps showing the message

"New toner not working," it may be time to get a new printer.


Check to see if you put in the right toner cartridges in the right color order.

There are different toners for different printers.

Use the toner number to make sure you put in the right toner.

See if they work well together.

Also, check to see if you put in the toner cartridge instead of the

drum unit.


Check to see if a new cartridge was put in.

If you need to replace your toner cartridge, put in a new,

unused OEM or trusted non-OEM Brother toner cartridge.


When you put in a brand-new cartridge right out of the box,

your printer will be able to reset the status of your

toner cartridge.


If you move a used toner cartridge from one printer to another,

a new toner cartridge won't work.


Check to see if you are using OEM toner cartridges.

OEM Brother toner cartridges are used in Brother printers

and have been tested to print a full page yield.


Non-OEM toner cartridges have been tested by Brother

and have been found to print fewer pages.


The printer will send a "Replace Toner" or "Toner Life End" message

if the toner cartridge runs out before the estimated number of pages

it will print.


If you decide to use a non-OEM, buy your supplies

from a reputable company like InkJets.


Check to see if the toner cartridge is installed correctly.

If you replace a new, unused, and genuine Brother toner cartridge

and still get the Replace Toner or Toner Life End message,

you may have done something wrong

when installing it.


To fix the problem, put the toner cartridge back in

and put the right toner in the right place.


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We've explained how to fix the most common reasons

why a new toner cartridge won't work.


A big part of the problem is that people often use

non-OEM toner cartridges or install partially used

cartridges as replacements instead of

buying new ones.


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