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Print Kodak lab-quality photos for less with the Kodak ESP 3. This all-in-one printer works as a printer, scanner, and copier, so it's the ideal solution to those who are looking for a compact and stylish device that won't take up so much space in their home or office. It allows you to print professional-quality 4 x 6 borderless photos, scan multiple pictures at once, and copy photos and text documents fast and easy. And when it starts running low on ink, getting a replacement ink cartridge is easy too. Order your needed replacement from the comfort of your home or office—Inkjets is a reliable online source of high-quality and affordable replacement Kodak ink cartridges including the Kodak 10 Color Compatible Ink Cartridge and the Kodak 10XL (8237216) Compatible Black High-Yield Ink Cartridge. Buy here now!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here's how to replace the ink cartridge on the Kodak ESP 3:


  1. Make sure that the Kodak ESP 3 is on.
  2. Lift the front center of the printer to open the access door. Wait until the printhead, where the ink cartridges are placed, moves to the center and becomes idle and silent.
  3. Pinch the latch on the empty ink cartridge and pull it straight out of the printer.
  4. Take the new ink cartridge out of the bag and box and remove its orange cap.
  5. Insert the new cartridge into the printhead and press down on the tab until it clicks into place.
  6. Close the printer access door.


Frequently Asked Questions


How would I know if it's time to replace the black and the color ink cartridges on my Kodak ESP 3?

There are two ink level indicators under the On/Off button, one for the black ink cartridge and one for the color ink cartridge, on your Kodak ESP 3 control panel. When ink levels are low, these indicators will blink very slowly. But when the ink levels are almost empty, these indicators will blink fast. 


I ordered a spare compatible Kodak 10XL ink cartridge. Any tips to preserve its condition?

Keep the spare ink cartridge sealed in its original packaging and make sure to store it in a location where the temperature does not exceed 85°F (30°C).


Do you ship orders internationally?

No. We are looking at expanding into Canada and beyond soon. But for now, we only ship to the US, its territories, and US military/diplomatic addresses.