Hero 7.1

Hero 7.1

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Let's look at all the amazing features that the Kodak Hero 7.1 offers. There's the GOOGLE Cloud Print that allows you to access it from any mobile device or computer, the automatic double-sided printing that saves you paper and time, and the Smart Sensor Technology that informs you how much time and supplies you'll need. But all these features are rendered useless if your Kodak Hero 7.1 is out of ink and you don't have spare cartridges on hand. Stock up on high-quality but affordable compatible ink cartridges from Inkjets.com. We've got the compatible Kodak 10XL and Kodak 10—both can cost you as much as 40% off the price of the genuine Kodak cartridges. Purchase these products here today!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here's how to replace the ink cartridge on the Kodak Hero 7.1:


  1. Make sure that the Kodak Hero 7.1 is on.
  2. Lift the carriage access door to open and wait until the carriage is in the access position before continuing.
  3. Press the tab on the used ink cartridge, and then pull it out of the printhead.
  4. Remove the packaging material of the new ink cartridge, including the protective cap.
  5. Install the new ink cartridge into the printhead. Then, push down on it until you hear it click into place.
  6. Close the carriage access door.
  7. Run a test copy.


Frequently Asked Questions


After replacing the black ink cartridge on my Kodak Hero 7.1, I received an ink cartridge error. What could be the problem?

When you get an ink cartridge error after installing a new cartridge on your Hero 7.1, it could mean that the new cartridge was not installed correctly. Remove the ink cartridge first, and then reinstall it until it clicks into place.


How do I place my compatible Kodak ink cartridge order?

To order any compatible Kodak ink cartridge, you may add it to your cart through our website or you can call us for help in placing your order. We also accept orders by mail if that's more convenient for you.


How can I take advantage of your free shipping?

We ship orders free of charge if your order subtotal is $30 and above and if the order is shipping to the lower 48 contiguous states.