Genuine OEM vs Compatible Ink Print Comparison. What's the Difference? - October 10, 2018

What is compatible ink? Compatible ink and toner are replicas of the original manufacturer product but at a much cheaper price since it is not name-brand. Our compatible ink engineers work extremely hard to replicate ink quality and even include more ink than the originals allowing you to print more and save.

What is genuine OEM ink? Genuine OEM is expensive name-brand ink that you would buy at an office supplies store such as Office Depot or Staples.

What is remanufactured ink? Remanufactured ink is using the shell or case of the original manufacturer cartridge or toner, cleaning it, refilling it with our ink, and then reselling it.

Price: We picked up the 5 genuine Canon ink cartridges from Office Depot/Office Max for $81.01. To compare, the 5 piece combo pack from after standard shipping and tax in California would be $23.69. That’s a savings of over 70%!

Method: For this ink challenge we used the Canon MX922 printer one of the most popular printers. The cartridges that we used were the Canon genuine PGI-250 (PGBK), CLI-251(Y), CLI-251 (M), CLI-251(C), and CLI-251(BK) cartridges and the Black PGI-250XL, Cyan CLI-251, Magenta CLI-251, and Yellow CLI-251 compatible high -yield ink cartridges. The compatible cartridges use clear plastic allowing you to see inside. The genuine cartridges use non-transparent black plastic to hide the contents. To keep everything consistent we used the same printer and paper for the comparison. Once we loaded up the compatible cartridges we did a full printer cleaning, auto printer head alignment, and did the printer nozzle check pattern. We then printed the 5 different prints in two different print settings, standard, and high quality. After we were done printing with the compatible cartridges we swapped them out for the OEM/genuine ones and completed another calibration. We once again printed the 5 prints in two different print settings.

Genuine canon ink cartridges and compatible ink cartridges from

Conclusion: In our own test with the Canon PGI-250 and CLI-251 compatible cartridges we found that the print quality between the genuine and compatible ink was indistinguishable. We welcome you to test our compatible ink cartridges. If you are not 100% satisfied with the print quality we offer a 365-day money-back guarantee. See the prints for yourself!

Canon pgi-250 Print test and Compatible Printer Ink

canon cli-251 Printer Ink and Compatible Print test side by side

canon 251 ink Genuine and Compatible Printer Ink comparison

canon vs Compatible Printer Ink

side by side view of oem vs compatible ink prints

Standard Quality Prints

canon Genuine Printer Ink and Compatible Printer Ink

Compatible Printer Ink and oem ink side by side

Photo difference between oem and compatible printer ink

offbrand canon pgi 250 and pgi 251 vs name brand printer ink

Photograph oem vs compatible printer ink