Original Name Brand Genuine OEM vs Compatible and Remanufactured Printer Ink & Toner

What is Compatible Ink & Toner?

Compatible ink and toner are replicas of the original manufacturer product and include more ink but at a much cheaper price. Inkjets.com sources only the highest quality ink and toner cartridges, believes customers should have a choice when deciding what to use in their printer and not be subjected to high corporate ink prices.

What is Genuine Name Brand OEM Ink & Toner?

Genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products are expensive name-brand cartridges that you would buy at an office supplies store such as Office Depot or Staples. These are the big printer brand names such as Canon, HP, Brother, etc.

What is Remanufactured Ink & Toner?

Remanufactured ink and toner uses the shell or case of the original manufacturer cartridge.  It is then cleaned, refilled with third-party materials, rigorously tested and then resold at a discounted price.

What is the Cheapest Ink or Toner for Printers?

The cheapest printer ink or toner depends on your printing needs. If you are printing hundreds of pages a day, toner is the better option instead of ink, as it is much cheaper per page. If you are looking for a printer for home use, stick to a two-cartridge printer; one color cartridge and one black. This will keep the price down. If you want to print high-resolution photos, a more expensive five-cartridge printer will get the job done. The best way to keep printing prices down is to use remanufactured or compatible ink & toner, NOT name brand. Remember, big printer companies make a lot of money on overly expensive ink cartridges. Inkjets.com offers an alternative to high printer ink and toner prices with remanufactured and compatible cartridges. These printer cartridges may look different than the original, but they fit into the printer all the same, have higher ink levels, and source the same ink as the OEM. However, Inkjets.com offers 1-year money back guarantee on all its products.

Why is Printer Ink and Toner so Expensive?

Printer manufacturers often sell printers at cost and make their profits on the expensive cartridges required to make them print. Remanufactured or compatible ink and toner makes printing much less expensive due to not having to pay for the brand name products. Compatible and remanufactured cartridges fit into the printer the exact same, are often filled with more ink or toner, and use the same or better quality materials. Inkjets.com offers the highest quality remanufactured and compatible ink & toner. Inkjets.com has superior quality control measures, and ensures that all ink and toner cartridges are up to the highest printing standards. Inkjets.com has an on-site customer service department that is ready to assist you if you need any help.

Is it Cheaper to Buy a New Printer Rather than Ink or Toner?

You don't need to buy a new printer every time you run out of ink or toner. Finding remanufactured or compatible ink and toner helps to beat the big-name brands at their own game. The best part is that they cost significantly less than the name brand, and Inkjets.com has been sourcing the highest quality compatible and remanufactured cartridges for years now, for thousands of printers.

Name Brand vs Compatible Printer Ink Comparison Test


We picked up the five genuine Canon ink cartridges from Office Depot/Office Max for $81.01. To compare, the 5-piece combo pack from Inkjets.com, after standard shipping and tax in California would be $23.69. That’s a savings of over 70%!


For this ink challenge we used the Canon MX922 printer; one of the most popular printers. The cartridges that we used were the Canon genuine PGI-250 (PGBK), CLI-251(Y), CLI-251 (M), CLI-251(C), and CLI-251(BK) cartridges, and the Black PGI-250XL, Cyan CLI-251, Magenta CLI-251, and Yellow CLI-251 compatible high-yield ink cartridges. The compatible cartridges use clear plastic, allowing you to see inside. The genuine cartridges use non-transparent black plastic to hide the contents. To keep everything consistent we used the same printer and paper for the comparison. Once we loaded up the compatible cartridges, we did a full printer cleaning, auto printer head alignment, and did the printer nozzle check pattern. We then printed the five different prints in two different print settings: standard and high quality. After we were done printing with the compatible cartridges, we swapped them out for the OEM/genuine ones and completed another calibration. We once again printed the five prints in two different print settings.

Genuine canon ink cartridges and compatible generic ink cartridges from inkjets.com


In our own test with the Canon PGI-250 and CLI-251 compatible cartridges we found that the print quality between the genuine and compatible ink was indistinguishable. We welcome you to test our compatible ink cartridges. If you are not 100% satisfied with the print quality, we offer a 365-day money-back guarantee. See the prints for yourself!

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Print Quality: High

Print Quality: High

Canon pgi-250 Print test and Compatible Printer Ink Canon pgi-250 Print test and Compatible Printer Ink canon cli-251 Printer Ink and Compatible Print test side by side canon vs Compatible Printer Ink side by side view of oem vs compatible ink prints


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Print Quality: Standard

Print Quality: Standard

Canon pgi-250 Print test and Compatible Printer Ink Canon pgi-250 Print test and Compatible Printer Ink canon cli-251 Printer Ink and Compatible Print test side by side canon vs Compatible Printer Ink side by side view of oem vs compatible ink prints

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