How to Check Ink Levels and Monitor Ink Usage with Canon Printers

Checking the ink levels of a Canon printer will generally depend on the specific model

of printer you have, but there are a few common ways you can check the ink levels

and monitor ink usage.


Here are some steps that might help:


1. Use the Printer Software

Most Canon printers come with software that you can install on your computer, which allows you

to check ink levels.

Here's a general guideline on how you can do it:

- Go to the Start menu (Windows) or Applications folder (Mac), and open the Canon

Utilities folder.

- Click on the Canon My Printer (Windows) or Canon IJ Printer Utility (Mac).

- Click on 'View Printer Status' or 'Printer Status'.

- Here, you can see the estimated ink levels of each cartridge in your printer.


Remember, this is an estimation and may not be completely accurate, especially if you're using

refilled or third-party ink cartridges.


2. Use the Printer Screen

Some Canon printer models have a built-in screen that shows information about the printer's status, 

including ink levels.

- Navigate to the printer’s main menu.

- Locate the 'Ink Levels' or 'Ink Info' option. 

This may be under 'Maintenance' or 'Settings' depending on your printer model.

- You'll be able to see the approximate ink levels for each cartridge.

Photo of a Canon printer on a brown tablePhoto of a Canon printer on a brown table

3. Check Manually

If your printer doesn't have a built-in screen and you're not able to install the printer software,

you may need to check the ink levels manually by removing the cartridges from the printer.

This process will vary depending on the model of your printer.


4. Enable Notifications

In the printer settings, you can also usually set up low ink notifications.

This will provide a warning when your ink levels are getting low.


Remember, these are general instructions and may vary depending on the exact model

of your Canon printer.

If these methods do not work for you, we would recommend referring to your printer's

user manual or Canon's official support website for more model-specific instructions.


Ink-saving Suggestions for Your Canon Printer

To conserve ink in your Canon printer, consider the following:

  • Select the draft setting for non-critical documents.
  • Opt for black and white prints over color when suitable.
  • Adjust to a more compact font and tighter margins.
  • Skip printing pages you don't really need.
  • Recycle your empty ink cartridges.

By heeding these guidelines, you can prolong cartridge lifespan and trim down your printing expenses.