Money saving tips for back to school shopping

Article last updated March 8, 2023

It is finally here. The much awaited (or if parents are going to be 100% honest - most dreaded) mile(s) long list of school supplies. It is after all, back to school season and school expenses officially start now.

And parents, not to be the bearer of bad news, but your school supply list will be more expensive this year. Not only because your shopping list is long - but with the current inflation issue, you can expect the cost of school supplies to go up. In fact, the National Retail Federation says that 84% of parents expect their back to school shopping costs to be higher this year.

So, while your list of must-haves before school starts may be long, we can help out with some back to school money saving tips in this blog. We all want to save money, don't we?

Money Saving Back To School Shopping Tips

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1. Create a back to school list - Actually, you do not just have to create a list. You need to prioritize your school shopping list. Allow us to explain.

Before you start your school supply shopping, take some time to write down a list of supplies then arrange them from the most pressing need, down to the least pressing. So, school clothes and new shoes may be at the top of your list, but a new laptop may be at the bottom.

Do not feel pressured to list down everything right away. What's important is you have a list that can help you identify items that you need to get first.

2. Set a budget for your back to school purchases - After you have finished making a list, it is time to set a budget. Because when you set a budget and you stick to it, you know where your money will go and where it should NOT go.

3. Check what school supplies you still have - At the end of last school year, kids emptied their lockers and brought home a bag (or three) of stuff that is part trash, part you-do-not-know-what, and part leftover school supplies. Check how much of last year's school supplies you kept (hopefully you did not take one look into the bag and threw it out last year). How many of them can you still use?

You can also check your own house. You might already have enough pencils, the right calculator, or a box of highlighters that your child can use this school year.

4. Dollar stores are your friend - go and visit your local dollar stores and while it may seem there is a whole lot of junk sold there, you would be surprised at the amount of back to school deals waiting for you there.

For one thing, dollar stores usually get random shipments of brand items that are four times more expensive at other stores. Also, school supplies like pens, planners, poster boards, and others are just as good quality in a dollar store as anywhere else.

5. Consider refurbished printers over brand new devices- With another school year comes plenty of homework and projects that require printing. This is why many parents today have computers and printers at home, so their kids can get all their coursework and projects done and printed out.

This does not man of course that you have to go and spend a lot of money on a brand new printer. You do not have to - because often the best printer for school needs is a refurbished printer. And these devices are far more affordable than their brand new counterparts.

And this does not just apply to printers and devices for school. Do not feel embarrassed to go for pre-loved items. We are not saying that you should just go for a tattered looking school bag because it is cheap - what we are saying is do research and shop around consignment shops, thrift shops, and even Facebook Marketplace for some good quality, pre-loved school supplies or devices. Do not be afraid to chase after those back to school deals, wherever they may be.

Going back though - what is a refurbished printer?

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A refurbished printer is a great way to get a high-quality printer for a fraction of the price of a new one. Our refurbished printers at are thoroughly tested and inspected by the manufacturer before being listed for sale, so our customers can be confident that they are getting a reliable product.

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What is the difference between a refurbished printer and a brand new printer?

Practically nothing! Apart from coming in a plain box as opposed to retail packaging, the printer you receive will look and perform just like a brand new one. The main difference is the price tag; because these printers were originally either unsold new stock or previously used, all are brought up to like-new condition and sold with original accessories and components.

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Another money saving tip is to make sure you are getting the cheaper price on the most expensive print supply: ink. When you print out homework and school projects, trust us - those ink cartridge costs pile up.

So, rather than buying OEM or branded ink for your home printers, consider low-cost alternatives like remanufactured and compatible toner and ink cartridges from

Compatible ink and toner printer cartridges are exact copies of the original manufacturer cartridge, often containing even more ink but at a lower cost than those offered by the big name brand printer companies. As the name suggests, these low cost ink cartridges are fully compatible with the printers they are designed for, and will not void your printer's warranty.

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